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“Aly & Fila support, & Ahmed Romel's "Week's Favorite! Presenting Abora Recordings's first release with lyrics in Korean. Vocalist jaki song and producer John Poot team up across the Atlantic to bring us "Broken", a moving and emotional song that although about heartbreak also makes for incredibly relaxing and peaceful chillout music. New World Trance comes to deliver a trance remix of the original chillout mix that is sure to please all trance fans and also fans of emotional music of all genres in general. Here is "Broken"! Buy on iTunes: bit.ly/AASC003-iTunes Buy on Beatport: bit.ly/AASC003”


“A beautifully motivative, Inspiring, admirable page and fantastic talent, thats Reverbnations own guardian Angel, Jaki. The Earths wonderful songstress Star,whose gifting brightness, brightens everyones day,and our Planet knows it has an extraordinary ally looking out for Mother Earth with a most exquisite voice,have a most rewarding and blissfully joyful week, Peace, World Love, Sound and Vision, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Johnny Bonkers

“These tracks are provocative sonic excursions, propelled by Jaki's superlative vocals--"New SUN" is a sheer delight, and a truly compelling listen! ”

Bingham Willoughby

“Run away is a drug!! I keep saying no but i cant help but keep listening.. Beautiful track would be an understatement, much respect to everyone that was on that track! ”

Jonathan Tambe

“One of my favorite artist on Reverbnation... Your music and your compassion ... ”

Justin Langston

“One of the best on any play list and a great friend! Miss ya girl! ”


“Hello Jaki! Big time congrats for you and your co-operations - charming timbre and felicitous mélange. Sending you p&l from a hidden palm tree village! cesli ”

cesli vane

“From the opening notes I'm instantly appreciative of the clever songwriting and magnificent harmonic colors strewn across a lovely canvas of sound. Beautifully conveyed to your audience. Love this music! Richard ”

Richard D. Ruttenberg

“OMG, please come down and play a show in East Tennessee! :-)”

Rhyme Wire



“I have been outside at midnight so many times where I work, and they have an owl that lives in one of the trees. During the summer, I can feel and imagine everything you are saying in your song - Owls cry. Your lovely voice is so perfect for the lyrics, the melody, and the instrumentation. Your voice can sound like a perfect lullaby, and then break out into strong emotion. The balance on the recording is perfect, and really shows off your voice without affecting the beauty of the strings on your other favorite of mine - New Sun. I am holding your music close to my heart. ”

Randy Stahla

“Jaki, I am listening to your new song, END OF TIME...It is amazingly beautiful, as is your voice, which SOARS. I admire your talent SO much, Jaki. Love, Susan!!!”

Susan Cabral

“Owls cry is shivering good. It´s not a ordinary ballad. It´s make me shiver and your voice goes to my soul! Best wishes, John”

John Ming

“ d.dallen Absolutely brilliant.. I love 'Owl's Cry' That song should be a big-time hit. With a remarkable talent, a mesmerizing voice and a captivating beauty...you ought to be on top of the charts. Wish you the very best. Apr 23 ”


“ Very nice and cool music - the most interesting for us is the way of your singing - your music deserve more than #3 in Montreal. Respect and support from us. A&P, I&SON.”


“Magical songwriting and such mesmerising vocals... I'm hooked!”

Ian Stokol

“Hi Jaki and thank you for the comment ! I've listened to 5 of your songs so far and I just love your material ! You have a very intriguing and captivating style and sound ...... and it's fresh and original !!! We need more of that nowadays !! I'll be back again to listen to more also !! It's a pleasure to know you Jaki !!”

Artist - joey stebanuk

“ you make me feel tingly inside :)”

Pirate Signal

“OH... I LIKE! So originalllll real... like the rawness Im hearing.. i have a certain respect for that in a womans vocal. You rock girl, hope to meet someday on that road...”


“I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,Whose got what.feel me?You,my musical friend,have a major skill set and I appreciate you much!”

GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor)

“Your arsenal of organic and synthetic sounds perfectly match your passionately mysterious voice :) All that to say this, Jaki you ROCK! Stay true, your new fan and friend, Adelina”

Adelina Halmajan

“Hi Jaki! Love your tune "New sun" great vocals.. /Clemens”


“Oh! I absolutely love this!!! Your vocals are superb. Sexy, sultry, and gorgeous. Fantastic instrumentation together with your vocals make this pure gold. Totally dig "Sweet Poison" What a great song!!!Lovin' your style and sound.”


“I love Jaki! You can feel her feelings through the rythms. Listening to her words song story makes the experience complete. Listen to her loud and in the mood! Perfect experience!”