Jake Sorgen / Press

“The poetic lyrics were rich with imagery and flowery language, and his eyes-shut performance style made it seem the images were stimulating to him as they were to the listener. The depth of the lyrical content, however, in no way sacrificed accessibility. The song was complete with a memorable and infectious melody...[the] contrast in cultural influences makes for an interesting dynamic that sets him apart as a songwriter.”

“The dynamism in his guitar strumming paralleled the intensity of the lyrical content, creating a minimal yet cohesive musical message.”

"Layered and experimental, Jake Sorgen’s new album Sudden Myth offers an intriguing flavor of folk. Sorgen’s diverse instrumentation and artful arrangements add depth to this debut full-length. Evoking peaceful images of mountaintops and moonlight in one song and painting a bleak picture of city streets in the next, Sorgen takes us on a colorful and original sonic journey"

“Jake’s songs aren’t your usual three chords, verse-chorus-bridge-chorus affair – he spins tales and sings long-form poems that tell a story...Jake weaves his lyrics in and around intricate fingerpicking patterns, but not at the expense of the occasional full-on power chord chorus.”