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“SO toe-tapping was their music that people at Crediton Farmers’ Market in February were inclined to do a little dance when Jake Slocombe (guitar and violin) played with friends Kimwei (flute) and Jane Robertson (clarinet and penny whistle). Music has always been Jake’s passion. He has played music since he was four or five years old and now plays various drums as well as strings. Jake lives in Crediton, Kimwei is from Half Moon and Jane from South Zeal. The three have begun to play togeth- er in the last month and are making a video in Bridport. CDs of Jake’s music were for sale at the market. Jake can be contacted on 07805633794 or email metfielddrummerdude@hotmail.com you can also visit Jakes website http://www.reverbnation.com/jakeslocombemusic”

“SWEET music and that unusual commodity - sunshine - helped the early November Crediton Farmers’ Market buzz. There was a stall selling books and CDs for the charity Freedom From Torture, lovely smells coming from the snacks stall and all the seasonal produce around the stalls. Music was made by Jake Slocombe who lives in Crediton and who sings as well as playing guitar and violin. He even included ceilidh music which got some of the younger customers tapping their toes on the town square. Mostly it was pretty cool stuff, some with his own slant and all highly enjoyable. Jake, who sometimes busks in Exeter, is available for weddings and events, jazz sessions and ceilidhs. There is the mid-November market, then on Saturdays December 1 and 15 and on Sunday, December 23. Christmas goods ordered at the November or December markets can be collected at the December 15 or 23 markets. For more information about Jake and to book him for your event give him a call on 07805 633 794”

““You may have seen this talented musician busking in Bucky Doo in Bridport, entertaining all and everyone. Jake Slocombe gently fills the airwaves with tunes from Bob Dylon to Jimi Hendrix and more. He is proving very popular in Bridport, in fact, when i was speaking to him, a couple wanted to book him for a garden party. If you would like Jake to play for you at your summer event, email him at metfielddrummerdude@hotmail.com You will not be disappointed"”

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