Jakes Gorilla / Press

“This is a band full of energy, deceptively graceful riffs and courageous lyrical poetry underpinned by a thrilling amount of expertly crafted instrumentals... Jakes Gorilla are providing utterly joyful music.”

" I was blown away. “How have I never heard of this band before?” is what I kept asking myself, but no need to live in the past; I know them now, and nothing is holding back my love... Their sound is almost impossible to describe because it’s extremely unique. It’s compacted with a raw and nasty yet beautiful and recurring mix of jazz, rock and roll, and blues. Their energy is uncanny and even if you’ve never heard them, or feel like sitting for the whole night, they will force you out of your seat."

"Fast, accurate, driving... it was like being in a loud thunderstorm with lots of lightening on a hot day without the rain" “...SPARKED and RUMBLED man and it was COOL..."

John Creekman - Local Fan

"That was a [explitive]-load of sound from 3 guys and hard driving [explitive] that keeps [the] audience completely engaged..." "Totally cool whacky discordant chords that pushed the envelope in a high energy plethora of sounds." "Great song writers, great musicians, superb synced sound." "The drums and bass were driving perfect!" "Great Songs, produced from the total sound..."

John Creekman - Local Fan