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"That's what he and his bandmates will bring forth once more on the upcoming album, Hunger Before Thirst, which will have its first single dropped very soon entitled "Move On." On top of an album of originals, the band is also working on their own cover rendition of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon."

“Dear Jake Paul, First, we would like to congratulate you. We have been informed that your song ‘Inhale’ has received a strong listener response in its first month of rotation on five stations. This response has come in the form of heavy listener requests and tune-ins. This is great news and a strong indication that you’ve got a potential hit on your hands.”

"Inhale" press

“There are many things I do to overcome hurdles and pitfalls… I learned to be assertive up front when it comes to the “deal” of playing at a venue. I also learned to figure out if I’m in this music biz for the right reasons. I enjoy music, period. Getting paid is nice too, but when I used to book our shows solely for money, I found that the money wasn’t enough of an incentive at our level. In other words, we had band members saying that we need to make X amount of $ in order to keep going with our music plan. So I got us into the best venues in our area (Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, Summerfest 3 years in a row, Potawatomi Casino, popular bars and clubs) and we got paid well. But those same band members who complained about $ eventually left the band, despite making more money. We learned the hard way about to differentiate between who was a “musician” and who was just someone who played an instrument. Music business… I feel the business can be challenging...(full article @ w”

“Man, I saw you guys perform on October 7th at I think it was called \"Up and Down\" (maybe) one and only time. Just had gotten done seeing a TPB show and DAMN-WHAT A WAY TO TOP OFF THE NIGHT! I danced, swayed, sung, just grooved to the rhythm baby that's all ya gotta say! Good times that I would love to relive but this time at a different location... it's not too far! Dubuque's only a little less than 3 hrs. from Milwaukee, come on, boys- you've gotta get shown off!!!!! I even bought one of your shirts and YES I do wear it. SSSSSSOOOOOOOO..... PLAY FOR US! Get your butts down to the Mississippi River and jam some tunes! I'll be waiting to hear from you... very forward I'll add. Company : We'd like to see the Jake Paul Band perform (in full) in Dubuque, IA at a bar called Murph's Southend Tap. Nice place-have a lot of shows there which play a big variety of rock,blues,bluegrass,metal,ska,folk,whatever's appealing and I'm sure you will be.”

Lindsey L - Anamoly Records Fan Mail

“Jake Paul Band is hosting 2 nights of live music this weekend! NIGHT ONE (Nov. 18th): BBC Upper Level with "3 Left" and "All The Damn Action." Show starts at 9pm. NIGHT TWO (Nov. 19th): Up & Under Pub with "The Lilies" and "XIII." Show starts at 9pm. JAKE PAUL BAND IS HEADLINING BOTH NIGHTS.”

“MOTHER’S MURDER CREATES MUSICAL “ANAMOLY” April 20th, 2011 Chris Ellen Paul was 33 when she was fatally shot by her boyfriend, leaving behind three children and many unanswered questions (no one was prosecuted). The youngest child, Jake Paul, turned an emotionally troubled youth around by writing and performing music. In less than 1 year he and his band (Jake Paul Band) have played at Milwaukee’s finest, including Shank Hall, Intercontinental Hotel, The Rave, Up & Under Pub, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, and they’ve recently signed a record deal with indie label, Anamoly Records, LLC. Just last week, the band won the "Break Into The Big Gig" battle and earned a spot at Milwaukee's Summerfest. Jake stated, “My music gives me a chance to connect with other people who have lived through rough times and turned those times around like I did. And that helps us heal." (for more, see www.jakepaulmusic.com/pressmedia”

"These are guys you would want to invite to a party of your own just so you could get to know them and be able to sit back and watch them play."

Alec Cunningham - The Jailbreak - Review

"Everything about The Jailbreak has an organic nature to it, from the vocals to the instruments. Nothing is too overproduced, and you get the sense this mood was orchestrated on purpose in order to faultlessly portray the relaxed atmosphere they were intending. "

Alec Cunninham - The Jailbreak - Review

"Paul has a unique reason for forming the band and beginning his music career. In the 1990's his mother was killed; unfortunately, the case has still not been solved. In honor of his mother, he set out to spread his story through the form of music. His first venture was with the track "Hollow," which is included twice on the album - once as the original and the other as a home studio remix. Regardless of which track you listen to you will be blown away by the brutal honesty of the lyrics. The story is told in third person, describing his mother's death and how he was affected by it, reminding listeners to "Remember to say goodbye, 'cause you're never too young to die." The sincerity of the lyrics, especially when Paul describes the moment he was given the news, further outlines how genuine the track really is. This sense of honesty follows the band through the entirety of their album, whether he is tackling everyday troubles or covering how to overcome those difficulties."

Alec Cunningham - Hollow - Review

"You guys were awesome! I had a lot of great feedback. Again, thank you so much for donating your time. It was such a great show you put on!" Niki Lead Coordinator, 2013 Milwaukee Domes Art Festival Ph. 262.574.9400

Niki Corbett - Anamoly Records Mail Bag

“How much do you want to bet from the red, yellow and green motif emblazoning the front of The Providence EP’s cover that Milwaukee’s Jake Paul Band have some kind of reggae fixation going on? Consider yourself a winner if you placed that wager. And if you guessed the band distills Jamaica’s most popular musical export into a form that conjectures how the Zac Brown Band and the Grateful Dead would approach the genre, the prize is even greater. The Jake Paul Band exude the kind of earnest, blissed-out vibe expected from a Midwest guitar band enamored with a mellow tropical R&B derivative. And one can easily imagine these numbers as launch pads for further jamming.”

“Picture a band with mixed characteristics; one with a sound that is not entirely rock, nor entirely reggae. A band with a sound that instead falls into the category of surf rock, or if you will, "American Reggae," with similar artists such as Sublime, Citizen Cope, Jack Johnson, and Donovan Frankenreiter. That band you're picturing is Jake Paul Band and the album is The Jailbreak. The band's reggae sounds bring a sunny warmth to the overall album, even though oftentimes heavy, less than cheery subjects are addressed. Front man and band kick-starter Jake Paul's vocals fall somewhere between singing, spoken word, and rapping, which accentuates the music perfectly. He also brings his harmonica out from time to time, lending a further accent to the music. Paul has a unique reason for forming the band and beginning his music career. In the 1990's his mother was killed; unfortunately, the case has still not been solved. In honor of his mother, he set out to spread his story through...”

“Jake - Thanks again for playing the gig last night @ Hard Rock. I received great reviews of your performance. I hope you had a good time and let me know if you have any issues with Matthew (Sam was very sick, so he was a little inexperienced) or anyone over at Hard Rock. I will be in touch and we'll do it again soon. Thanks, Jeremy Cohen CEO & Manager On The Grind Management, LLC”

Jeremy Cohen, On The Grind Management - Anamoly Records, mailbag 2013

“Had a great time last night at The Up & Under! You guys are awesome!”

Reba P. - Anamoly Records, LLC Mail Bag

“Your songs are great ! It would be nice to hook up with you and your band sometime! I listened to the cd,s last nite and again today. AWESOME !”

Chris Larson - Anamoly Records, LLC Fan Mail Bag

"If you have been waiting for a '90s revival, check out Milwaukee's Jake Paul Band. That decade never left their hearts, if The Jailbreak is any indication. The group's trick is that they don't take any one style from that time in wholesale form, but instead mix and match in such a way as to be revivalists with an original spin on their source material. Paul raps and sings while the rest of his quintet bridges the chasm between the pop-jam-band templates of Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic and Rusted Root and Sublime's stoner-ish punk reggae. If that combination seems jaunty and easygoing, Paul confounds it all (largely in a good way) by baring his soul with lyrics that sound like the efforts of a man stumbling from an abyss to find the sunshine that still makes him squint in pain."

“Jake- Got it! You guys rock, sounds great. We will be at the Redline tap in January we could walk there on a nice day. However in January we might just drive, I will come up and introduce ourselves. We were on a mission that Saturday heading to Sobelman's for a burger so we only saw one set that day. We will be looking forward to a full night of music in January. Stay in touch Chris n Tracy”

Chris n Tracy (Chicago, IL) - Anamoly Records, LLC Fan Mailbag