Jake Nannery / Press

“Nannery and company are currently recording their first full-length effort (32 songs so far) with Grammy winning engineer Bubba Jones at Critical Sun Recordings. Wanting to capture the energy and personality that the band has in their live performance, they hired out the studio based on the project, instead of paying by the hour or the day.”

“Jake Nannery: This local songwriter’s gruff-voiced acoustic folk-rock is highly earnest.”

“Seattle Wave Radio Jammin’ Challenge winner Jake Nannery (guitar, vocals & trombone) and his Wooden Nickel Brass Band (Mike West on drums & Ramon Salumbides on standup bass) kicked off the show with New Orleans funk inspired performance and brought a portion of the crowd to their feet with a spirited delivery.”

“Jake Nannery, a seasoned professional with a gravelly voice of someone much older; he’s travelled the globe playing his guitar to the tune of Ray Lamontagne and a tad Johnny Cash. This local is destined for greatness as he can command a crowd with his lively shows.”

"Jake has a great and Original Voice. He'll make any cover sound like he wrote it"

“Jake Nannery sings from the soul, telling stories that you can relate to and can follow from beginning to end.”

“When Jake Nannery came out on stage people were drawn to his guitar. It was covered from top to bottom with writing. He called it “his road journal,” it was messages from people that he had met throughout his musical career. He told the crowd that he had quit his job three years ago to ride motorcycles and play music. Since then he has traveled all over the United States, and just recently spent 2 years in New Zealand — where he was recognized as one of the top 5 folk artist in New Zealand. By his performance you could tell that he was a seasoned musician.”

“Jake is a great song-writer, and an artist who has surrounded himself with very talented musicians. He's not just singing and playing, he's a story-teller through and through. He'll always have a home here at {FSR}.”

“I suggested [Jake] try a soulful acoustic version of The Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Rock Your Body)" ... IMO he knocked it out of the park. Takes him about 30-45 seconds to really get going with it, but once he does, it's pretty dang good. I thought it would be cheesy and funny, but he actually pulls off the soulful, sort of reimagines the song, and owns it.”

“I have listened to Jake Nannery’s voice, accompanied by nothing but an acoustic guitar. The added sounds provided by bassist, Ramon Salumbides, and drummer, Mike West was excellent. The slap of the bass and the solid percussion was the perfect touch to Nannery’s signature bluesy, rock style. ”

“His songwriting ability has done anything but falter. Nannery’s fans have had the pleasure of hearing both old and new material at every show. His songs touch on a variety of entertaining storylines. For example, he could tell you a little something about drinking with the devil, or watching a girl leave in a beautiful summer dress. Regardless of the subject, what the listener gets is a good story, a catchy melody and a real and honest performance.”

"'Goodnight September' is powerful and meaningful. Each tune they go into, there is a little something more."

"Nannery, you're one of the coolest people I know."