The Jake Garrett Band / Press

“Ronneca Lynn I'm Melting!!!!! Love your Vocals!!! U R AWESOME and AMAZING! Very TALENTED!”

Ronneca Lynn LTD.

“the sound of this really is solid. the instrumentals in this song have a very enormous and well rounded arrangment. the music is a matter of substance in this, experienced and it connects here. this song has a vocal sound that is very deep and convicted, a strong presence, great range. the lyrics to this are intent, there taste full and fresh.”

James T. Blunt Force Records .... - Reverb Nation

“The introduction is catchy right off the bat and sets an exciting tone for the song. This gets 2 thumbs up! The pacing is well balanced and sets the tone of the music. How could your band write such a masterpiece. I would most likely recommend this to everyone. The musical talent of the artist is quite clear through the quality vocals.”

“Thunder Beach”

“Wounded Warrior Benefit Concert,Doors open @ 5:30 pm, performances begin @ 6 pm, with a lineup including Heartbeat City,Terry Brock,Kevin Jacobs, Top Dead Center, KC Phelps, Cross Tie, Panama Redd, Jake Garrett & A Company of Wolves,Sin Seven, and Sticky Tea, Tickets $10 @ The Marina Civic Center Door. On stage seating available for deatails Call...*********”

Randall - Panama City News Herald

“Jake Garrett and A Company of Wolves Live @ The Concrete Concert Series Panama City Beach Fl.”