Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Cafe Project / Press

“Jai Roots is listed as 1 of 7 Jazz Acts to lend an ear to in San Antonio. The St. Croix raised Jai has a lot of people sitting in on his shows, including regulars from San Antonio, Spain, and Venezuela. The jazz-inspired urban/reggae/Lain musical projects of Jai Roots, "The jazziness-it's a feeling that without words can captivate you." ”

“The sound cannot be summed up in just one word. It is reggae/roots with a Latin swing and an urban feel. You can enjoy listening to these tunes while bar-b-quing in your backyard surrounded by tiki torches and still be taken to the islands. Still some songs really make you want to get your cumbia merengue dance on. Instead of staying in this evening, grab your local music publication and find out where Jai Roots is playing, You will not be disappointed!”

“Although Jai has written an impressive collection of original genre-bending songs, at the moment he is covering the classic Marley tune "No Woman No Cry." With a delivery that drifts between an island-tinged freestyle and a smoky, rough-skinned croon, Jai manages to make an already-perfect song even more beautiful by elevating the lyrics to a modern-day prayer for the mothers losing their sons on both sides of the war. Later in the evening Jai serves up some of his own stuff, spitting conscious truths and party anthems with equal vigor. Says one line from his hip-hop flavored "Sexy Girls Them": "I say me love the way you move your little body / Bring it to me baby, come bring it to me, mami.ö ôCan Not Be," also a dancehall track, offers another level: "I come to kick it from the conscious / Though to you I seem rambunctious / My sole intention is to keep awareness amongst us."”