Jairemie Alexander / Press

“Today the Supreme Court heard testimony for and against Prop 8, the California law that keeps LGBT Americans from marrying the one that they love, and in honor of this day a friend sent me this video of “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Featuring Mary Lambert) off of their debut album The Heist, available now on iTunes. This video tells the beautiful and, sometimes, hard life of two men in love as they encounter their lives together.”

"That guy over there who sang is unbelievable! Now he's gonna be my guest in Las Vegas. We [will] fly him out there and give him a room for the night."

“Music is the ultimate force in Jairemie Alexander’s life. He’s been singing ever since he can remember, and music was always the forefront in everything he and his mother did. He began learning the basics of piano at the age of 5, went on to start writing at age 8, and started playing guitar at 11. Throughout the years, he has taken part in many charity performances benefiting leukemia and global awareness for AIDS and Domestic Violence – we applaud you for that, Jairemie!”

“Seattle might be known for its thrashy grunge roots, but budding R&B pop star Jairemie Alexander is out to change that.”

“Citing numerous musical influences, Jairemie describes his music as going beyond the simplistic pop, alternative, hip hop, electronic”