Jaimz Woodard / Press

“It's not those who understand music that you have to sell too. It's Idiots like me that buy it. Brother, you have the talent. I have and will buy your music. I hope the best for you : )”

“excellent songwriting”

East Feliciana Watchman

“Really like the premise of it...Smart. ("Sinner's Saint")”

Email from a friend in the industry

“The lyrics are visually cohesive”


“I really do like the feel and mood that you create here in this song. It is engaging, and there is a compelling quality working as well.”


"Addiction" and "Standing Here Today" both show real promise as a songwriter. The disparity in styles can be both positive and negative in a post-modern, post-genre music world, but these songs do suggest Woodard has real potential as a songwriter.

Wildy - Wildy's World

“Woodard is competent on guitar, and does show songwriting skill”

Wildy - Wildy's World

“Interesting cover version (Cat's In the Cardle 2010 Iraq Deployment Version)”


“Love the electric guitar here (Standing Here Today)”


“---I think its great that you start the song off the the chorus...excellent strucutre (Hometown Blues) ---Powerful lyrics paint quite a vivid picture of your home town, which is great (Hometown Blues)”


"I love the indie approacah you have lyrically"


"Woodard brings a presence to the microphone that's undeniable; sort of like Trent Reznor without the histrionic sense of self."

Wildy - Wildy's World Blog

"Song catches me right away..." ---(review on "Hometown Blues")


“Has a darkness as well as a certain sense of humor, which is a rare balance.”