Jaime Michaels / Press

"Unknown Blessings is a heartelt love letter to the artists and songs that have come to define the Kerrville Folk Festival. These 14 finely wrought tunes, two of which Michaels co-wrote , are a reminder that evenin this age of hipster groove-folk and layer cake production, in the end, it's all about the song" April Reese

April Reese, journalist & KBAC DJ

"Jaime Michaels writes songs that follow the lives of ancestors and neighbors in tales told with the graceful edge of a master storyteller”

Danny McClosky - the AlternateRoot.com

"Jaime Michaels occupies a zone somewhere between Paul Simon (Wish on the Moon is pure joyous Graceland — Blues Traveler's John Popper helping in no small degree in that regard), Al Stewart, and Harry Chapin, all silhouetted by a purpling sunset on the horizon drawing down classic prairie, swamp, and Appalachian refrains..."

Mark S.Tucker - FAME

“He writes songs with special meanings...with a sense of purpose, a sense of belief that music is as critical to life as breathing itself.” Wanda Adams Fischer WAMC/NY”

"On "Man With the Time Machine," Jaime Michaels takes his songwriting mojo to a new level. On this, his 8th album, the veteran songsmith spins stories of loss and love, from the plight of New Orleans fishermen to the much-anticipated arrival of a newborn baby -- all delicately wrought with the heartfelt surety of a man whose inner compass always points in the right musical direction."

April Reese - KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe

"This guy sounds like he used his time machine to find the vibe Dylan plugged into as he segued in "Nashville Skyline"...A sneakily wonderful album, this is going to grab hold of acoustic music fans and not let go."

Chris Proctor - Midwest Record