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" I worked with several yodellers and opera singers to create a Tarzan like jungle call (special thanks to Jaik Willis)" Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/freestyle-by-bassnectar-feat-angel-haze-free-mp3-20121016#ixzz29pV8lXiP

"The standout set of the day was Jaik Willis. As a one man band, this guy’s energy alone is astonishing. He doesn’t just sing, he belts his lyrics out, al l while hammering on his guitar, dancing around, and stomping his feet as if the energy of his music is just flowing out of every end. His songwriting style is really unique as well; he doesn’t always use hooks or choruses, instead often weaving these extended prose-poetic verses filled with candid humor. The acoustic Flying V guitar might suggest rock star but Willis is a genuine raconteur, as unpretentious as it gets. Near the end of his set is where things got even better. Following a shout of “Beat Box!” from the back of the barn, Willis said, “That sounds like a request” and jumped into a dazzling ten minute improvised beat box version of “Superstitious.” He went from spinning folk rock yarns to spitting a sharp, almost electronic-sounding remix of a funky classic… with only his mouth and a microphone.

“You can sense with every fiber of his being he is a revolutionary in the movement of hope. He rallies the audience with such songs as “anything is possible” yet on this particular Saturday afternoon just before he smashed his guitar he sang, “That’s America!” It was a blank moment. No sound. No movement from the audience, until Jaik simply and calmly speaks into the microphone. “I won’t be needing that guitar anymore sound man.” Then Jaik proceeded to beat box Michael Jackson’s classic Billie Jean. Not only did he flip the script into that acoustic funk that made the audience breathe again, but he took it into an extended jam that amazed me. He wasn’t using any looping feature… How did he even have enough breath to do what he was doing? After the slow beat box fade the audience erupted with applause and respect for a heart and soul performance under the shade of the camping stage.”

"Many musicians add diversity to their music but without question the act at Wuhnurth (music festival) that shined in individualism had to be Jaik Willis. There is something in the way which he strums his guitar and drifts in his lyrics that draws you to every note and movement creating it. Singing out about intense issues in today's world and bring hope and meaning, uniting for the better. There is a very serene way in which Jaik performed, instruments and vocals combining in a laid back way. He had a real connection with his audience and that was clear seeing him float in with the fans throughout the weekend. A strong musician with power in his words and lifting in his music. The sun set in the shade of the forest as the music continued to play into the early evening sets." - (Diedra Trout, kindweb.com )

““He has a most unique soaring falsetto and a wild eyes rolled in the back of his head fierce guitar style. He writes original songs, including a fantastic song about Freedom (the gas station). Jaik's sound is somewhere between Anti-Folk and The Band and it is unlike anything I've heard from anyone else. His energy is fierce, his vocal range is inhuman, his beard is long. You've gotta check this guy out.”- ( Independent Music Center ) ”

( Independent Music Center )

"Jaik is a hardcore troubador somewhere inbetween Steve Earle and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has wandered around the USA like a modern minstrel, surfing sofas, car camping, and paying dues to sing the blues. It is a high energy solo show featuring Jaik's horn-like voice darting around a blistering broken-string approach to his acoustic flying V guitar, with original songs that are accessible, and message driven" - (Chicago Jams)

Chicago Jams)