Jahman Brahman / Press

“The five-member band isn’t scared to take chances, but the results are offered up with the sort of maturity not usually found on a debut album. NewFields sounds like a band that’s aware of their power and sound as a whole and works hard to let the vibe thrive without letting it get away from them.”

“Good vibes, smart, imaginative songwriting, and monster playing – all laid down in an ego-free fly zone.”

“This Asheville band is known for twisting genres and tearing through many of them. JB is funky, their sound mixed with Southern psychedelic soul, floating like Phish and blistering like the Allman Brothers.”

“If you go to a Jahman show, not only will you be sent soaring through the cosmos with star-screeching guitar work, heart throbbing bass pulsations, rhythmic blissful drum and mind-bending keys, you will have the opportunity to share a beautiful space with people from every walk of life”

“They (Jahman) had a very light & bouncy vibe to their meandering jams that made me feel awesome. This band was definitely the unexpected surprise of the weekend and proved to be the best band I hadn't heard of coming into this festival.”

“The album is well produced...Jahman Brahman is blessed with musicians who are technically skilled”

Kitty McConnell - The Other Paper