JAG / Press

“I'd nearly forgotten my boy was playing lead guitar for the second band, JAG. Their singer, Logan Crosland, implored my son to play for the event. They practiced at Bryan's house. Heck, I never even fed those kids. Leland, on bass, and Bryan on drums, played two songs together. My son whammed away on his electric guitar, a skill I have come to appreciate. The drummer was near perfect. The bassist got those rhythms just right. Logan sang with complete abandon and wooed the crowd with his charisma. And my boy, well, he sounded like he was improvising in the basement, totally in sync with the music. The stars were indeed aligned for this group. My husband and I looked at one another as they finished the set with only one word of response: "Wow." Eventually, after three hours of listening to bands, it was time for awards. The third and second place finishers crowded the stage. And then the first place was announced: "Jag."”