Jagged Row / Press

"Then you add Jacis' vocals to it, which are are stunning and you have a song that should be topping the rock charts worldwide."

"Jaci (their luscious leading lady) has a passionate set of lungs. Her voice is akin to that of a high-powered, ultra-kickass Amy Lee."

“The album should come with a warning though, as I experienced multiple EARgasms listening to this."”

"Jagged Row is not your average band; honestly there isn’t anything average about the group."

"Milky goth and whisky rock combine to make a surprisingly sweet cocktail."

“(Jagged Row) is what the game is missin'”

King Logan - The Royal Court

“I thought I had seen/heard it all, that is until I crossed paths with Jaci & Those Guys (Jagged Row)!”

Glen Smith - Glen Smith Presents, Inc.

“Jaci is a Bad Ass!”

Judge - Battle for America, April 2010