Jaden Farnsworth / Press

“Her voice, poise and musicianship are striking in one so young (19!).”

Preston Taylor - Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards

“Her voice reminds me of Honey Suckle, and how in the summertime its sweet smell floats over the fence in your backyard and makes its way to tickling your nose... It's very sweet.”

Buzz Andrews - Cadillac Pizza Pub

“This little lady has some extraordinary vocals...”

Mark Sena - Cadillac Pizza Pub

“Jaden is a rare sort of artist - one in which art, passion and identity coexist seamlessly. Her natural talent helps, of course, but as you watch and listen to her perform, you recognize she is doing what she was meant to do, share a gift (from God, she would say) she was meant to share. Success seems inevitable for her.”

Owen Neace - Canton Herald

“Jaden Farnsworth seems remarkably comfortable, humble and content, grabbing your attention with her energy.”

Owen Neace - Canton Herald

“Then a careful guitar strumming begins and her smooth, even voice rises confidently, and you forget your attention is being grabbed. You are not simply watching or listening to a song--rather, you are witnessing a rare sort of talent that is pure and magnetic.”

Owen Neace - Canton Herald