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"The Jaden Carlson Band melds soul, jazz, fusion, and rock together for something truly amazing. They just dropped their first album titled ‘Polychromatic‘ and to say we are impressed, is an understatement. For such a young singer/songwriter this is one hell of an album. It kicks off with a beautiful instrumental piece possessing some impressive guitar riffs. The album moves through some different styles but holds tight a unique funk-jam feel. There are points in the album you could be listing to Umphrey’s McGee or even Michael Franti until her sweet voice brings you back. Listening to ‘Polychromatic‘, it appears years of musical influence have been vigorously packed into her 13 year old hands. You can really feel the time and energy put into each one of these songs.You feel the passion not only in her words but in the guitar as well. Jaden recently received an amazing honor from the group Umphrey’s McGee by being able to sit in with them at the Fillmore Auditorium just la

“The opening track, “Essium,” is a feeler. It introduces the guitar driven instrumentals that showcase Jaden’s vibe before steering into the meat of the album. The true kicking off point comes in the form of “The Wrong Way.” The little funkstress’ still developing but well-rounded vocals materialize while bassist Eric Luba double-times on keys, particularly the organ heard throughout the eleven jam heavy tunes. Drummer Will Trask is money on the beat, allowing the keys and guitar to build to a carefully plotted climax. Drawing on jam band influences, Jaden is naturally pulled to the funky rhythms that get a live crowd rollicking. “Mudflip” runs around in circles, up and down the fret board with a Nascar pace. You can close your eyes, breathe in the music, and picture a dark club with disco ball reflected laser lights washing over sweaty, rhythmic bodies as they flail to Jaden’s rapid fire, effect laced playing."”

“The ARISE crowd was anxious for the headliner, and just as one might think, he opened with “Sound of Sunshine.” This is a song about being appreciative for being alive. Franti wrote it while he was struggling with a ruptured appendix and in severe pain. Every time he saw a familiar face visit him he felt a lot of joy, and of course when he saw the sunshine, he felt extremely positive about his situation in life although he was at the moment having a difficult time. The song is uplifting, and the crowd was on their feet bouncing around, and shortly after, he welcomed his “old” friend Jaden Carlson to the stage. Jaden is a 12 year old sensation who rips on the guitar. This quote is taken right from her website, “At the age of six, Jaden’s path was determined at a Michael Franti and Spearhead concert where she decided on the spot that she ‘wanted to play music and make people happy like that.’ The rest is history in the making…” I have seen her play twice now, and her ”

“The first few notes of the evening triggered a flood of patrons into the music room as folks got down. Familiar faces of weekly regulars littered The Tap as the trio ripped into some of their new material like "Mrs. Lee," as well as crowd favorites like "Go Hard." The chemistry of GS3 has always been fantastic, but as of late it has been mind-blowing. The band was also joined by special guest Jaden Carlson on guitar, for some ripping solo work! As the music gets bigger, the crowd gets bigger and more and more musicians from the scene are stopping by and reaching out to get involved at The Tap! Two full hours of music came to a close with folks hanging out to thank the band, finish their drinks and say goodbye.”

“Not yet in her teens, Boulder-based singer-songwriter Jaden Carlson already has three albums under her belt. Even more impressive, the gal started playing guitar at age six; since then, she's developed some fine picking and songwriting chops and has shared the stage with major acts such as Michael Franti and Trevor Hall. With each disc, Carlson seems to grow considerably, and Born to Fly is a testament to that, serving as the audio equivalent of a mark on the wall charting changes in height. But the album is a far cry from greasy kids' stuff: Carlson is already writing material on par with that of songwriters three or four times her age.”

“I’m really pleasantly shocked and insanely jealous that Jaden Carlson plays guitar as well as she does at only eleven-and-a-half years old. That guitar work is truly the highlight of her third full-length release Born to Fly. No, that’s not a typo. This is the young player’s third release. Carlson is joined by Garrett Sayers on bass and Scott Messersmith on drums for Born To Fly, and both of those seasoned Front Range musicians add lots of depth to Carlson’s songs, but the full focus here is on the little spitfire and her ample playing chops. With solid songwriting already engrained in her, when her voice does catch up with her playing and writing, she’s going to crush even more than she is already doing. With this album and the high profile gigs she’s recently had, including NedFest, Desert Rocks and Telluride Jazz festivals, as well as the multiple dates she will be playing opening for Groundation and Trevor Hall this month, Carlson has more work and professionalism u”

"I am really excited about this project, and I think it is going to be great," Sayers said. "When Jaden's mother came to me she wanted someone who understood Jaden's songwriting and understood that as a producer she was looking for someone that would not change it too much or attach it to some kind of formula. Jaden is already writing all of her own music, something that most young artists don't do, and she really is a very capable performer, and I think it is even more impressive to see a young person like Jaden stand up there, behind her guitar, with just a trio and really blow people away." When asked about performing with Jaden, Sayers said: "I was first struck by her guitar playing. As a side man I play with a lot of different artists, and her sense of timing and her awareness of what's going on in the band is way beyond her years. She is one the fastest progressing musicians I work with, and it is really fun to see that unfold."

“It was a rowdy crowd Thursday night at the Tugboat. Nineteen performers filed on and off the stage well into the early Friday morning hours, leaving judges Todd Leestma, Justin Glaza and Amy Kaiser with a tough decision when it came to picking the winner. Kaiser, who works for the Wheeler Opera House that co-produces the festival with famed songwriter John Oates, said the inaugural competition began three nights ago in Breckenridge, and the talent search will continue in Vail, Boulder, Aspen and Winter Park. “The response has been really great,” she said. “There’s a lot of talent.” Early on in the Steamboat competition, the crowded bar was treated to a big surprise in a little package. Jaden Carlson, a 10-year-old guitar prodigy from Boulder, surfaced again in Steamboat, where she sometimes travels for Nordic skiing races. She blew nearly everyone away with the maturity of her songwriting and guitar skills that surpass those of many musicians four times her age.”

“The Jaden Carlson Trio opened up the show. The trio is comprised of Scott Messersmith and Garrett Sayers from the Motet and 10-year old Jaden Carlson on vocals and acoustic guitar. Ten years old! A collective jaw-drop came over the crowd as soon as Jaden started playing. It’s difficult for anyone to upstage seasoned and accomplished musicians from the Motet, but it was clear that almost all eyes and ears were fixed upon Jaden. During her 10 song set, she played several songs she had written herself, displaying a lyrical and musical maturity one would expect from someone three-times her senior. With an incredible stage presence, depth, and a natural ear for music, this girl has a very bright future ahead of her. The Trio finished their set to a standing ovation from the crowd and left us all asking ourselves, “What were we all doing when we were 10?””

“Tweeners keep the groove going between the main acts and are another way to feature local talent. Colorado's Jaden Carlson, for instance, is scheduled as a tweener today, and if you have not seen her, you should. Carlson, who has played several festivals this year, is performing with her trio, which includes Jaden, Scott Messersmith and The Motet bassist Garrett Sayers. The 10-year-old Carlson plays a mixture of covers and original material and already has two full-length CDs to her credit.”

“Jaden Carlson covers every base on her second release - writing and composing the music, playing guitar and sharing her vocals. Amazingly, her musical talents at composition and creating a rendition of her works is awesome and far surpasses the skills of anyone her age. In this regard, Carlson is probably a musical genius. However, at her age, her voice has yet to match the levels of her mental and playing abilities. The lyrics on this album border on metaphoric youthfulness. Whereas most songs blatantly address adoration and heartbreak, Carlson is much more subtle. When she sings of a rainstorm, is it really just a rainstorm, or something deeper? How can a girl of 10 fully grasp the machinations of adulthood? Much like the genius behind the Pixar movies, the listener may hear and impose their impressions on merely innocent words. Thankfully, this album is not a Kids Bop CD, but is the seed of a sapling that needs a little more sunshine to realize its full growth. ”

“Jaden Carlson's talent shines through on Tell Me What You See. Driven by her humming acoustic guitar, the band holds tight through folk-infused ballads sung with full heart & soul. The laidback mood of the album is set early on with the track “These Walls.” A lulling melody dances around Carlson’s lyrics, where she writes of being trapped in by society. She sings with a determination & originality that is beyond her years,& this drives the album through moods of jubilation, contemplation & also sadness. “Tomorrows” is an optimistic song reminiscent of Blind Melon in instrumentation & lyrics. Closing on a heavier note with “Funky Steele,” a rockin’ instrumental complete with alt-country/blues hooks; Carlson’s talent on guitar becomes the centerpiece. Carlson’s talent is young & growing,& her songwriting ability & guitar work make her stand out as a young force to be reckoned with.”

“Colorado-based singer-songwriter Jaden Carlson has really solidified herself as homegrown talent over the last few years – she’s released her debut album, played many local and national shows (including Telluride Blues & Brews Festival) and shared the stage with with artists including Michael Franti & Spearhead, Trevor Hall and Melvin Seals. Jaden's new album Tell Me What You See is a mighty fine sophomore follow up to her debut and continues to showcase a young musician growing by leaps and bounds as a performer and more importantly, a songwriter. It’s something special when you can see a local Colorado musician grow before your eyes and Tell Me What You See is another fine step in Carlson’s progression as an artist.”

“Nine-year-old Lafayette singer-songwriter Jaden Carlson opened the show with her reggae-roots sound. The miniscule singer with the powerful voice and nimble fingers jammed strong renditions of the Black Crowes’ “She Talks to Angels” and the Flobots’ “Handlebars.” Carlson’s original “These Walls” revealed a true songwriting gift from the girl who was led to learn guitar only a few years ago after seeing Franti.”

“f I had to pick one smaller artist on your lineup not to miss, who would you recommend? This is so hard because I have such a big place in my heart for so many of these bands. I’ve been seeing Euforquestra for a long time now, and I really think if you like progressive, fun jam music, this is a band for you. Big big ups to Yamn, Mountain Standard Time, MTHDS, Whiskey Blanket and Octopus Nebula though. Check out Nine year old guitar phenom, Jaden Carlson. Literally, nine years old. Great stage presence.”

“Nine-year-old Jaden Carlson has only been playing guitar for three years, but during that time her talent has skyrocketed her from beginning musician to touring performer.This third-grader, beyond having the job of being a kid, maintains a resume with more experience than some musicians twice her age. Jaden, a Boulder native, has performed everywhere from Desert Rocks Music Festival in Moab, to Telluride Blues and Brews Festival, to the House of Blues in San Diego. She has opened for a band that included members of AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and Survivor, played on a stage once graced by B.B. King, and was lifted from the crowd to accompany Michael Franti on his song, “Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong” in front of an audience of 2,000 people.”

“Jaden may be young, but her head is in the right spot – the first thing comes to mind when she hits the stage? “I get excited that I get a chance to make people happy.” It’s no surprise; she’s been influenced by a great breed of artists (including PEV favorite Trevor Hall), and a man we’d love to interview, Michael Franti. In fact, Franti and Spearhead first influenced Jaden to play music and then even brought the young Jaden up on stage for her first live performance at the Dobson Ice Arena in Vail, CO in front of over 2000 people for “Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong”. Not a bad start, eh?”

“The last person to play before Rob’s headlining set was a young girl. She played with more skill than anyone of her age (or size) I have ever seen, and her original lyrics weren’t too shabby either. For her last song Rob Drabkin came out to play a duet, it was heartwarming, to say the least.”

“The child performing sensation delivers songs on a higher plane. Jaden has performed on the main stage with Michael Franti & Spearhead and she is able to embody much of the power and grace that makes Franti so influential.”

“JADEN CARLSON, AN 8-YEAR-OLD REGGAE/ROCKER from Lafayette stunned a Red Rocks Amphitheatre crowd, from toddlers to teens to adults alike last month, as part of A Journey of Hope. The event blended music, speakers – including Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Three Cups of Tea author, Greg Mortensen.”

“Later in the show, Trevor showcased an 8 year old local girl who could play most of Trevor‘s repertoire and I mean play, this little girls guitar playing and timing were amazing and her stage presence was like watching a seasoned pro, I only caught her first name, Jaden.”

“Jaden’s songwriting shows maturity beyond her age. Some of her compositions that stand out are “Cool Rain,” “Midnight Sky,” which features harmonic tapping technique on the guitar, and the instrumental “Rockin’ Blues,” which was written as a Christmas present for Versace.”

“I heard a really great acoustic guitar playing on stage, followed by a voice that stopped me in my tracks. The singer wasn't piping out vocals on aged well-worn set of chords, but rather it was 8-year-old Jaden both playing and singing. Knocked everyone's socks off with her awesome performance.”

“Yeah, go to ReverbNation.com/JadenC to see upcoming shows, pictures, videos, and songs. I am looking forward to Dancin� in the Streets, Sunstock, and many more! My mom helps me with promotion. I have played a lot of shows already and I play anywhere between two and three hours...”

"It's not often that I am blown away by an 8-year-old kid. Her audience rapport, stage presence, and between-song patter were something many of us here could aspire to. You haven't lived until you've watched an 8-year-old girl rock a packed room with her instrumental rendition of "Hey Joe".

“Although she may only be an 8 year-old little girl with an acoustic guitar, Jaden Carlson's got a big sound. And she's living them. Jaden has performed numerous solo concerts in Colorado cafes, and has even played with Michael Franti at the Denver Fillmore Auditorium for a sold out crowd.”

Jeffrey Justes - Mountain Music

"Not only is it amazing to see a seven year old navigate a fretboard like a sparrow hawk gliding in the wind, it is incredible to take note of the messages the indigo child has to say. "a gem of the new generation and it is what she chooses to sing that is mind blowing."

Dan Rose - The Mountainear