Jade Diary / Press

“The album is an exploration of various sincere, well-articulated emotions, without sounding whiny and repetitive. Like the swift, yet graceful movement of a mermaid, this album flows flawlessly through a saturated music scene, leaving you in bewilderment of what you have just experienced. It’s hard to fault this album. Jade Diary’s debut is something Perth, and Australia, should be proud of.”

"In fact, Cheryl Lim sings about sad subjects better than just about any artist. Her voice is soothing and angelic. Sadness should not sound so good. Jade Diary is an artist to watch; a voice that isn't like every other out there. The three songs that she wrote are full of emotion and imagery. She will have you longing for the days when Lilith Fair was the concert to see, because surely she'd be part of it."

"With a haunting backdrop, 'A Thousand Days' sees Cheryl bringing the passion and honesty of Sarah McLachlan into her touching deliverance and easily sits as one of the standouts from the EP. Save for the enchanting drop of the chorus with it's ambient beauty that reaches a perfect climax for it's final rendition. This is songwriting at it's best; an earnest message coated in a memorable hook and taken to new heights with the dedicated Lim at the helm."

“Overall, Landscape of Dreams is a strong and musically-mature release from a promising group.”