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Travelling all over the world, I have little time to get out of the dream that life is, a virtual reality dream or a real virtuality dream, a dream all the same in which you can easily get bruised by some spiritual projectiles that are sharper and more cutting than any knife in the world. Be careful when you go out not to fall on a bad bad badder boy or a mad mad madder girl who may turn you into some kind of clown, fool or baboon. Think twenty times before speaking and turn your tongue in your brain twenty one time before thinking. And if you meet Bob Dylan's Lady Lay, make sure he/she has the gender you want and care for, because nowadays they have replaced two sexes by so many gneders you may get confused. And do not forget that any Dr, doctor or not, can be who knows what, you name it you have it.
Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP, especially technological, scientific and historical ESP. He has done research in the fields of English and American literatures, drama and arts; opera, cinema and television at a global level; general linguistics with particular emphasis on Germanic, Indo-European, African and more recently Indo-Aryan languages, as well as Pali and Sumerian. He spent some time in Africa, the USA and many countries in Europe, and more recently Sri Lanka where he studied Buddhism and oriental spirituality. His present research covers the “language of Cro-Magnon” and the emergence of language among Homo Sapiens, the phylogenic and psychogenetic emergence of human language, and further studies on opera, drama and cinema, including mythological contacts between Indo-European and Turkic traditions and cultures. He is vastly published in many countries in all these fields and on the internet.
He presently teaches within the CEGID (Compagnie Européenne de Gestion par l'Informatique Décentralisée, European Management Company by Distributed Computing; established in 1983) for the Groupement des professionnels de paie et de gestion (Synopsis paie, Centre of pay-roll management professionals) in Nice, after having taught in many Paris universities, including Panthéon-Sorbonne and Assas-Panthéon within the Sorbonne itself.

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