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Jacquescoley® / Press

“JXFM Radio Tokyo- Extreme FM Japan Today at 12:18pm Sounds great! 'Midnight Cowboy-Rhinestone Cowboy' h”

“カントリーオルタネイティブロックグループJacquescoley EditorJun 06,20140 Comments R&Bシンガー、ネイト・ドッグの従兄弟であるユージーン・ジャークコーリー (Eugene Jacquescoley)を中心に2008年から活動しているスタジオミュージシャングループ”Jacquescoley”。カリフォルニア出身のユージーンは12歳の頃にはすでに500回以上の公演をこなし、幼い頃からエンターテイメント業界の中で育つ。アメリカ空軍のマーチングバンドと共にイギリス、フランス、中国と国外のコンテストでも優勝し、国境も超え活躍している。 カントリー、オルタネイティブロックをミックスさせたサウンドをベースに、現在までで4枚の作品(Can This Black Man Sing The Blues (2009) 、 Armadillo (2012)、Je Suis Jacquescoley (2012) & The Black Horse (2013))をリリースし、各地でライブパ”

"Can This Black Man..." is such a cool track!

Low Brows - Reverbnation

“hi eugene, i listened to all of your listed compositions! nice work! i like the human feel on whiskey sweet instead of midi. cloud break is my favorite piece. peace, gordon”

“ This music is nothing short of groudbreaking! I love your vocals and songwriting. I've found a new favorite! ”

Dry Martinez - Reverbnation

“ Simply awesome! You've got incredible style... listening to "When a Black Man Rides a Horse"- definitely inspired and inventive. ”

Zeus Rooster - Reverbnation

“ Assalamu aikum my brothers, nice to meet you. "Can This Black Man Sing The Blues" nice country man. Keep it up ! G.B.U ”

Gherezeg Studio - Reverbnation

“Pop Up Live: New York Congratulations! You're officially invited to submit a song for possible inclusion in "pop up live", a new, multi-city emerging music program presented by popchips taking place in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. You have been selected based on your Band Equity score, your fan demographics, and the genre of your music. The 50 Artists per city whose songs are ultimately chosen for inclusion in pop up live receive national exposure and cash (we thought that might get your attention). Submitting for this opportunity is FREE, the top 4 bands in each city win $500, top band in each city wins an additional $1,000, and the top band nationally also wins the opportunity to play on the SPIN Magazine stage at Austin's premier festival in March 2012 (with expenses paid!).”

Pop Up Live: New York 2012 - Pop Up Live: New York 2012

"Alabaster" is avant garde. Reminds me of bands like The Swans.

The Workers - Reverbnation

“Great voice , Definitley a Rising Star , Love Edie”

Edie Simmons - Reverbnation

“Hello from St.Petersburg, Russia. Awesome music! x :) Vera, Vadim's mother”

Vadim (Vera, Vadim's Mother) - Reverbnation

“Your music is a happening… flavor and style….Loving it! Pat Branch in NYC SONGWRITER/BASS PLAYER ♪♪♪♪♪♪”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

“had a listen to "When country music takes a detour " and really enjoyed the track, arrangement, and interesting style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!”

Dean Joblonski - Reverbnation

“An uninteresting beginning that leaves the listener wondering, but it quickly evolves into a different crop entirely. The thick, humming bass reverberates throughout the entire song. The boom and bass from the singer's voice is literally fantastic. The song is deep and serious. Though the production could use a little more professional quality, the song is without a doubt a great one. The funky guitar bit that kicks in about 90 seconds into the song definitely contrasts the whole mood and sends the listener for another loop. The listener is commanded to keep listening, as the singer keeps saying "Hey!" Overall, I think the song lacks the poppy element that radios around the country demand, but that doesn't diminish it from being a great song. ”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“ cool pic J!! nice jacket and hat. classy chi town blues man look. g ”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“Nice early entrance to the song, dropping the bass and adding a low tone to the song early to keep the listener engaged. Also adds emphasis to the lyrics with the singers low voice and tone, instruments in the back give it extra feeling. A good song and I think the artist will have given their fans a popular song in the future with this track here.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“The piece begins with strings and then descends eerily into an old voice over suspended, augmented chords played on a humbucker laden electric guitar. The solo comes and adds a worrying element to the song, making you feel as if you're being chased by a mysterious stranger down a dimly lit alley. Interesting, worth a listen but far from a classic.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“This one leaves a bit of a dark-foreboding expression. Excellent vibrato in singer's voice unless its electronically reproduced, but hard to understand at times. An interesting piece to listen to but not sure it would be mainstream in listening values. Coronet/trumpet piece could be more inventive at times, echo and reverb are good additions but not sure where the melody is. Nice production, not sure of the arrangement on this one. Strings or mellotron in the beginning brings a listener to attention until the main vocal parts start.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“At first the song reminded me of a song by Prince, until I got to the chorus and a bunch of "hey, hey, hey's " were said. The song sounds very low budget with all the effects, especially the echo. The artist does seem as if he has potential but he would definitely need a better song.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“the starting off beatt is pretty good, sounds like it will be a good song, the beat gets good goes into a mean vibe,the guys voice is really deep, thats cool i suppose, the echo effect is cool. id be better with something else though, the instruments are awesome, the bass is ok, and the guy has good lyrics very good lyrics, good song overal”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“You have a great style of harmony but it sounds very dark to me. You have this very weak vocal style that just seems to drag on. You really sound depressed to me. This record has an heavy metal style with hard rock direction musically. The song needs to have more live drumming and better tempo in it. You have to be much more creative and focused in the way that you write your lyrics. Some of the guitar playing reminds me allot of jimmy hindrix in this record. Im just not shure what your going for musically. Why do you use the word swag at all its weird and does not fit into this record.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“pure pleasure for the ears..thank you!”

“Yo frenchie! You Rock bruh! KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

“ Alabaster Cloud is very interesting my friend. It kind of grabs you and doesnt let you go. ”

"Can This Black Man Sings The Blues" exceed 100,000 in single sales worldwide.

“Fire Wolf Come Home!...Now!!! -Rob”

“we're such huge fans of what you're doing here that when we crave craft and quality, this is where we head. Thursday just sounded a lot brighter!”

“Congrats on 20,000 plays Eugene!! :)”

“Teri is absolutely correct! you most certainly can sing the blues and anything else!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“ How come I like everything you do, on every page? You put a spell on me, my friend and I love it !!! xoxoxo ”

“Enjoying 'Can This Black Man Sing The Blues', awesome! All the best from your soul sista :)”

“You are destined for greatness Jacquescoley enjoying your music today all the best”

“sounding great, guys! can this black man play the blues sounds a little like springsteen to me, u got a little jersey in your york country music!;-) best wishes”

Greg Harry - Reverbnation

“Jacquescoley®, The promoter Papercut Magazine has not accepted your submission for the campaign Get Featured in Papercut Magazine. We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. - Thanks for your participation, we really appreciate it. Papercut Magazine”

“Jacquescoley®, The promoter Bayfest has not accepted your submission for the campaign BayFest 2012. Thank you for participating in BayFest 2012. We just wanted you to know that after a very tough choice we selected roughly a dozen ReverbNation artists to perform this year. We thank you again for your participation and hope that you will submit for next year's event, which will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2013. Sincerely, BayFest”

“Jacquescoley®, The promoter Memah Fest has not accepted your submission for the campaign MEMAH Int'l Film & Music Festival (in conjunction with Music Saves Lives). We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. To Memah Fests surprise, we received well over 1000 submissions. Sadly, we only had room for a few artists. We do wish you luck with your music and career, and do sincerely thank you for thinking of us. - Thanks for your participation, MEMAH Int'l Film & Music Festival (in conjunction with Music Saves Lives)”

“Jacquescoley®, The promoter White Knight Music Group has not accepted your submission for the campaign Music Placement on NBC and CTV for the 2012 Olympic Games. Hi Guys, Thank you for sending your music on for my team and staff to listen to. Many great tracks were submitted and some just missed the vibe by a small bit. We sent on the top 35 tracks ranging from every genre. Be careful with your master recording quality or your lyrical/vocal content and message (expressly for the Olympics). It's MUCH easier to place a relatively unknown independent artist via "Instrumentals" as well. The producers are looking for strong musicality and spot on mainstream/broadcast ready vocals. Remember, the big 4 and their publishers are YOUR competition. What stands between their artists and you? Presentation and representation - Quality and professionalism. There are myriad opportunities, so keep at it. REFINE your craft and pay attention to details in your album cover artwork and "appeal".”

“You are bravely heading into uncharted musical territory. Amazing how your vocals work so well with such an eccentric style of trip-hop soul. You stand out in a crowed! ”

“Jacquescoley®, The promoter Interfusion Music Summit has accepted your submission for the campaign Interfusion Music Summit 2012. Congratulations! We have accepted your submission to the Interfusion Music Summit 2012. Please confirm you attendance by going to http://goims.org/reverbnationartist.html. This link will answer your questions and help move forward with your participation. - Thanks, Interfusion Music Summit 2012”

“You're such a cool Artist Eugene~ Love how beats and instruments combine from different zip codes!~ Awesome my friend!”

“Jacquescoley®, The promoter SMKA has not accepted your submission for the campaign Perform at Atlanta Indie Fest 2012. We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. Look out for more events from SMKA in the near future, and follow us on twitter for events and updates (http://twitter.com/smka) - Thanks for your participation, Perform at Atlanta Indie Fest 2012”

"J", dig your work here. Love When A Black Man Rides A Horse. Dig your original sound and art here. Very intriguing. Cool Man. Russ

“Rob here..I'll Consult My Archaeologist...way cool!”

“You are a very unique and extremely talented artist. Fascinating and well-written songs and amazing musicianship!”

“You Are On Fire !(;\m/;)As long as you've got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life. We Wish You A Happy Weekend!!! video plays =3 we are also voting for you Good Luck To...”


“Candlelight city! awesome! -Rob”

“Hey Jacques, wow...candlelight city;))) amazing song writing...Very enjoyable music! Your new fan, Dianne♥”

“hat tip to ya J!! you got CLASS man. g”

“I'm not sure if thats the Love Boat theme music or Charlie's Angels music playing in the back ground in I Am Caesar, but its awesome. Were The Lambs So Hungry is fantastic friend. Joel”

“Jacquescoley selected for The Independent Music Scene Feature.”

“Love the blues, wish I had what it took to make it my main genre.....but I try. Best of luck to you.”

“you've only got yourself to blame..with music this enjoyable to listen to, you'll never get rid of these unwanted British party-crashers. Hugs and respect from London Towne!”


“Amazing cosmic journey floating through your excellent vision of wild musical sounds,moods and effects on "Candlelight City" Eugene”

“Excellent music, you are a great musician who hipnotizes all your fan with your tunes.”

“Frere Jacques parlez cool - rave on CAESAR, mon ami !!!”

“Hi Eugene, I really dig the excellent meeting of creativity and amazing colors of sound on "Frenchman In Russia"!!!”


“Goooooold Fiiiinger! Playing your great tracks to kick the weekend off! Have a great one. Jan 13”

“Ya R&B are you’r best, black or not. Ole Stanley Olsen”

“WE RECOMMEND YOU HIGHLY and we are not even high!!! TIEKEN loves you to death! Keep up the killer jams! Trevin and Trent10 TIEKEN Jan 08”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues returns to the Top 10 on Indie 104 Radio, LA.”

"Occupy Wall Street"-Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town is #1 on Madd Radio, Chicago Weekly Charts.

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues re-enters Indie 104 LA Radio Top Ten.”

"Occupy Wall Street"-Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town enters the Madd Radio Charts.

“Eugene Jacquescoley plays (voice over) Wrath in Neon Goddess, Sailor Moon UK.”

“So insanely good!”

“...Tom Waits meets a movie soundtrack....very cool........!! ”

“What a great way to kick off a Sat. Morning! Diverse mix of some really creative genre-busting tunes. "Can This Black Man Sing The Blues?" is one of the best written tunes I've heard!”

“Horse Carnival (Remix) arrives on Island Def Jam Digital/Jacquescoley Records in mid 2012.”

"Were The Lambs So Hungry" with Nayo arrives later this year!

“Look for a new collaboration with Doc Flya and Jacquescoley in 2012.”

“Look for a new collaboration with Jacquescoley and J.D. Parsons of the Early Melodic Animals in 2012.”

“Amazing Songs!!! You have a great original sound to you! I'm always a fan of good music. Keep up the good work. I'd really value ur opinion on my music as well, check it out! Stay Motivated”

“orig vibe!! not easy or common these days J. hat tip to you and your Steelers”

“Life ain’t too shabby in this western town.! Great lyrics”

“Palace Gardens gets stuck in my head!!! Hope you're having a great day!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“candlelight city ~ very original”

“Just checked out "Occupy Wall Street," I agree, it's time to end the greed.”

“Jacquescoley selected for California Music Industry Summit 2011”

“When Country Music Takes A Detour selected for GRM 780 Radio.”

“Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town on News Rado Cleveland”

“Hi Jaquescoley, I had to stop by & thank you for all the nice comments on my page. Thanx for the support my friend! Like your "Can this black man sing the blues." One of your best-keep singing! Looking forward to hearing ...”

“Love the story line in "Can This Black Man Sing the BLues"”

“hey hon!!!!! You rock!!! Jamming your music today! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues Is Awesome! RoCk ON!”

“Great things happening on this page! Tobacco Road is a great track! We will be back to hear more from you”

“Look for "Were Like Cats" on Island Def Jam Digital in 2013.”

“Look for "Fire Wolf Come Home" in mid 2012 on Island Def Jam Digital.”

“Look for Nipple Nose's new collaboration "Tobacco Road" in 2011. Inspired by Jacquescoley.”

“Join Jacquescoley for a shot on Buffalo Trace.”

“Armadillo...the album coming soon in 2012 on Island Def Jam Digital worldwide.”

“And this is 4th. place in a rock guitar shredding contest????”

“Really great song, great vocals, like a rockin blues song, Love it”

“Ya R&B are you’r best, black or not.”

““ Fine voice. Catchy rhythm. Keep on. ””

““ I like the sound of the voice. Sounds like someone is playing from the heart! ””

““ love your sound!!!!!! ””

“Look for Nipple Nose and Jacquescoley's new collaboration "From Tobacco Road to Park Avenue" in late 2011.”

“Look for the beefed-up version of "Can This Black Man Sing The Blues" in mid 2012 on Island Def Jam Digital.”

“When Country Music Takes a Detour ..Nice ride!!! -Rob”

“Hello J " Can this black man sing the blues" is my best hit. Great song. I am proud to be black.”

“Look for Eugene Jacquescoley on "We Are Champions" Christian Radio Pod Cast in 2012.”

“Look for our new single "Were the Lambs So Hungry" with Nayo. Coming soon in 2012.”

“Eugene..you are absolutely amazing...and the support you give to other artists? Priceless! You make this world a much better place and I thank you. Cheers from San Francisco :-) Oct 27”

“Long live Ceasar!!! -Rob”

“Nice relaxed vibe walking through your Palace Gardens Eugene ~ Andrew”

“Palace Gardens on Gen X Radio Albany.”

“Check out my North American Maple Skateboards on Zazzle.”

“Look for Nipple Nose and Jacquescoley's 'From Tobacco Road to Park Avenue' coming soon to Island Def Jam Digital.”

“I think your music is fascinating. I particularly enjoyed 'When Country Music Takes A Detour'. Brilliant!”

“Candlelight City!! Loving the tunes, dude.”

“A&R guy's watch him he's going far!!!!”

“It is so amazing, It is a pleasure to listen to this music !!!! from DJ ANTONIO”

“Ceasar, we salute you! -Rob”

“Thanks Jacquescoley.You rule.”

“'Can this Blackman Sing the Blues' !! Wishing you the best :)”

“Tons of talent here!A&R guys watch this guy he's special! Oct 15”

“Palace Gardens on Majic 104.9 Today's R&B.”

“Palace Gardens on New Mexico's Real Rock.”

“Nipple Nose and Jacquescoley's "Horse Carnival" on NYC's Z-100.”

“Jacquescoley and Graphium's "Palace Gardens" on New York City's Z-100.”

“Love your style...Much respect Oct 05”

“Graphium and Jacquescoley's Palace Gardens is on 99.9 KISS Country FM.”

“Horse Carnival on Bismark-Mandan's ESPN Radio.”

“Vote for Jacquescoley on Rock Star Uproar Festival in Sacramento, CA.”

“Graphium and Jacquescoley's Palace Gardens is on Hawaii's 985 Radio.”

“when country music takes a detour= fine stuff indeed. g”

“You have the sound of surprise.... it's rare & elusive Sep 16”

“Palace Gardens' kicks the house in.." Sep 16”

"You can sing the blues ~ And I get your detour ~ 2 new things that are good know" ~ Sep 15

"Hi Eugene. It's a whole new world! Palace Gardens has the right vocals, mix and sound. Wishing you all the best of luck.'

“Vote for Jacquescoley on the Rock Star Uproar Festival in Sacramento, CA.”

“Look for Eugene Jacquescoley to play Mr. Miller in Miranda J. Carr's play "Dysfunction" this fall.”

"Stopping by for more 'Can this black man sing the blues', great :)." Aug 24

"Palce Gardens" Mr. ~J~ ~! Nipxo Aug 25

"Palace gardens is sweet!!! respect from Chicago."

"Palace Gardens * awesome!!! cheers from so. fla * Patricia :)."

"It's a bright & sunny day here in the UK now I've come across you Jacquescoley ............... even though it's 12.25am! Found you through Dr Flya. Best wishes, Andrew"

"Back for more tunes brotha,Diggin that "when country music takes a detour"..Very Unique Style on your tunes man!"

"Just listened to your song "Can This Black Man Sing The Blues". Nice song, good vocals, and guitar, with good production."

"Jacquescoley- Thanks so much for your comment and "favoriting" my song "truth." you just made my day! you've got some great tracks yourself, keep up the great work!" peace&love- J


"Hey, great sound...it was terrific hearing your music! You have my continued support and wishes for all the best with your music....."

"Thanks dude!...rip Nate Dogg....amazing vocals he has...very distinct tone....good luck!"

"id fucks with ur tracks anyday,, def dope,, had to press LIKE,, keep it up."

"Outstanding passion and soul in your voice and music Eugene!!!"

“Vote for our band to play in the upcoming Battle of the Bands Warped Tour 11.”

"Great sound across a range of genres. It hits as both unexpected and effortless - nicely done!"

“Jacquescoley is in the studio recording Neil Diamond's 'Heartlight.' Look for the summer release in 2012. Jacquescoley Press”

“'From Tobacco Road to Park Avenue' is coming soon in Spring 2011.”

"Yeah.....great music...propz from Germany.


"Really digging can this black man play the blues.. Nice tracks." Sccheddar

"Feelin them trax bruh!!!" KP KRONIK-House Mafia

"Right on dude!" Rob Riddell

"Great songs, Eugene! You sure CAN sing the blues :-)."

"This is good stuff that crosses over different genres and has appeal to many types of music fans. Great songwriting as well." Infinition

“Jacquescoley featured on College News.”

“Vote for us! Converse Presents Jacquescoley. Get out of the Garage.”

“Jacquescoley selected for Gorilla Battle of the Bands. Sonicbids.com”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues on KISS 92.5 FM.”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues on Hallelujah 95.7 FM.”

“Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town on New York's Q104.3”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues on Z-100 New York.”

“Jacquescoley on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues (Bedoya Train Mix) is #2 on Madd Radio.”

“Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town is #1 on Madd Radio, Chicago.”

“Jacquescoley on New York's Z-100 FM.”

“Jacquescoley Ofrece Piel de Señoras que Abraza a T”

“Les Dames Reçoivent l'Étreinte de Peau de Votre Jacquescoley de T”

“קאָפּע פליפּ מיט דזשאַקקוועסקאָליי ס צפֿון אמעריקאנער מאַפּלע סקאַטעבאָאַרדס.”

“Chiquenaude de coup de pied avec les Skateboards d'Érable Nord-américains de Jacquescoley.”

“ركلة الوجه مع Jacquescoley في شمال سكيتبورد القيقب الأمريكية.”

“Kann Dieser Schwarze Mann, Die Niedergeschlagenheit Singen.”

“Jacquescoley on 103.3 FM, Music of the 70's an 80's Rewind.”

“Jacquescoley on 103.7 FM The Classic Rock.”

“Ancora nessun contenuto disponibile. Hai voglia di scrivere una descrizione di Jacquescoley? Jacquescoley on Last.FM Italy.”

“Get your "Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town" Doggie Ribbed Top.”

“Jacquescoley in Saudia Arabia.”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues on 93.1 FM.”

“Jacquescoley on Mojo In The Morning.”

“Eugene Jacquescoley on IMDb. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3652175/”

"Can This Black Man Sing The Blues" is getting airplay in Russia. http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Jacquescoley

"Can This Black Man Sing The Blues" on 84 WHAS.

“Eugene Jacquscoley added to 97.5 WAMZ Kentucky Country.”

"Pacific Coast Highway" a new rock song by Jacquescoley is forthcoming in 2011.

“Jacquescoley on 103.7 FM Classic Rock Station.”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues (Bedoya Train Mix) is now available emusic.com.”

“Get your "Life Ain't Too Shabby In This Western Town" skateboards are available on Jacquescoley Zazzle UK.”

“'From Tobacco Road to Park Avenue" is coming soon.”

“Jacquescoley just received mechanical license to record Neil Diamond's "Heartlight."”

“Jacquescoley is #1 on Madd Radio for the third week in a row.”

“Jacquescoley has been added to KDTN Radio in Colorado.”

“Jacquescoley has been accepted to efolk music.”

“Jacquescoley has been accepted to iRadio LA.”

“Jacquescoley is #1 on Chicago's #1 Radio Network.”

“Jacquescoley has been added to Madd Radio, Chicago. Chicago's #1 Radio Network.”

“Bonjour. C'est Jacquescoley. Merci pour votre appui. Recherchez la version de train du bidon que Cet Homme Noir Chantent Les Bleus en Juillet 2010. ”

“Jacquescoley submits comp/card audtion for new X Men movie.”

“Jacquescoley has been working with Grammy Award winning producer Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya on the train version of Can This Black Man Sing The Blues. To be released in July 2010.”

“Jacquescoley has been added to Manitoba, Canada's CKBJ-FM radio station.”

“Vote for Jacquescoley. Indie Rock vs. The World.”

“Jacquescoley has been added WNYU College Radio.”

“Jacquescoley featured in Wild Oats Records in Nashville.”

“Jacquescoley featured in Nightflying Webzine in Arkansas.”

“www.SimoneDelegal Unknown Wednesday October 28 2009 11:32 AM “ Sounds from the heart. ””

“We have completed going over the 500+ submissions for our Social Change sampler and "Can This Black Man Sing The Blues" made the final 36 songs. We have posted songs on The Alternate Root site for votes from readers to get down to the 22 tracks that will join James McMurty, Christine Ohlman, Jason & The Scorchers, Chip Taylor and Kasey Anderson on the compilation. Voting will end on April 14th and we will have the compilation soon afterwards. The direct link to the voting page is: http://www.thealternateroot.com/music-for-social-change-free-sampler”

“Jacquescoley selected for Graceland Talent Agency.”

“Jacquescoley will audtion for England's Rock Control. This is a global based rock music project.”

“You accepted a promotion from John Craig. It is scheduled to run on the Afternoon of Tuesday March 30. "Support good music. Check out John Craig's new CD on Itunes: http://bit.ly/a7SA6N"”

“Jacquescoley has been added to Hound Dog Radio”

“Jacquescoley has submitted for licensing opportunity with Roadtrip Nation - Licensing Opportunity 2010”


“Napster Japan ホーム > アーティスト: Jacquescoley > アルバム: Can This Black Man Sing the Blues. Can This Black Man Sing the Blues Jacquescoley リリース: 2009 ”

“Jacquescoley receives coverage in Germany.”

“Jacquescoley's new single has been added to Celtica Radio in Wales, UK.”

“Jacquescoley will attend the Pre-Grammy Power Invite Networking Party in Los Angeles on Jan 30, 2010.”

“Nate Dogg's cousin releases new single on Paramount/Tunecore.”