Jacqueline Jax / Press

“I love your music. Keep up the good work and may you be richly blessed in all that you do. Your friend Colt.”

Colt Younger

“You are a very talented individual, COMPLETE in every sense. For me I found an immense diamond mine in you; because you possess beside your physical beauty; the Real Beauty, the beauty of the MUSE, the beauty that springs hope, optimisms, the desire to improve oneself; You have the beauty that inspire the Artist, the Writer and every single one of us in our Search for Meaning. Ahuuuuuuuuu! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspire me to be me again; just the opportunity that life gave me to contemplate someone like you; such source of positive energy, happiness etc. I wake up for lethargy; I am revisiting old projects, flying again, boating, most important Writing and preparing a little single which will bear my dedication/acknowledgment. You know the beauty of this...YOU JUST HAVE TO BE YOU..”

Douglas Matamoros

“Don Crown : "Wwwhhhoooo! Just loved it Hallelujah. Your so great kid. Once again thanks I will sleep with that lovely song in my head .Voice was just. No words for it. A big hit for Christmas."”

"Great singing, great music...you own the listener and don't let them go until the last note...and beyond."

The Buddy Jack Band

" I just listened to your new song and OMG WOW it was amazing. You are one beautiful woman and you sing fantastic. Keep it up ;) xoxox"

Ron Oliver

"Great singing, great music...you own the listener and don't let them go until the last note...and beyond."

The Buddy Jack Band ...

“Tim Canfield: Big Smile...  What a beautiful, oiled and passionate sound you have.  It is absolutely mint.”

Tim Canfield

“MAD HOUSE MUSIC NEWS is out! http://t.co/6V68GJ4X ▸ Jacqueline Jax is one of the Top stories today http://t.co/GhqLOWo4”

“Philip Meade " Just listened to Leon's version (song for you) just to compare and your version is so much better. His piano style is unique and very good, but his voice is pretty bad when compared to yours. Had to turn it off. Really love your version of this! Keep it up, you Rock!"”

Philip Meade

“Brian Keith Rice: Musician Jacqueline when I first saw your Youtube Video I was Blown Away. Very Professional! I Loved it. All I could think about was I wish I could had been there holding a glass of wine, watching you sing and to play that Piano like you did was totally awesome”

“Davey Southwood : Director www.StyleRecordGroup.com WOW am loving it xxxx ! Just heard your voice for the first time, and have decided that your the most perfect lady, every mans dream. Where have you been all these years, I hope your in the right hands for promoting you.”

“8daysofrock: youtube.com/8daysofrock : Jacqueline fantastic! I love it! Truly Love It! :D Makes me want to relax to really nice glass of wine. :) Great Job! Very Beautiful Song. I love the Piano and your voice combined! The Both are a well played match! Not to mention a very Beautiful Video indeed. The only thing i wish, that i could had been there to listen and watch you record this beautiful piece! Lovely Outstanding Job! :D”

“Stephen Minotti : You are just overflowing with so many talents it blows my mind!!! You have it all……. :) Singer/Songwriter www.steveminotti.com, Co-host of www.AvALiveRadio.com”

“Philip Meade : Twitter.com/alarmingmusic Your voice has that beautiful sweet clarity that we all wish were the thoughts in our heads and sound of our instruments!”

“Don Crown:: www.budgieman.co.uk I’m an old artist. This is the best song iv heard for years. I used to sing it in cluds/pubs in the 60′s Jacqueline Jax has made a lovely recording of it. In her own style. (Love it) You will too. Share with your frends. (facebook) We have a hit. Love this song and the way you sing it Jacqueline. Keep doing songs like this .I’ve plyed it three times tonight. I will share. Good night and all your fans (Will still love you Tomorrow) lol x From London. Cheers. Don Crown”

“Ty Copeman :: I love the way you express yourself when you sing…You know how to sell a song Jacqueline Jax!”

“Hector Gomez :: YES !!! Turn Me On…I just listened to it…WOW, I am telling you that voice…WOW !!!….OMG I am running out of air…let me breathe….sighing….sighing….ok, OH NO I am turning blue due to lack of air, because of this STUNNING VOICE!!! Ok, I will relax now…breathe in breathe out….breathe in breathe out…Ok, I am fine now :-)”