Jacob Johnson / Press

"He's all over the place. Influenced by technical masters like Pat Metheny and fellow southerner Kaki King, he has developed an approach that requires tight coordination of both hands as he slaps and taps the neck of his instrument."

"He surrenders to the passion that drives his guitar playing... Very entertaining and inspiring."

"Johnson sounds like Norman Rockwell paintings and the open road. He is a virtuoso, expressing a working comprehension of dozens of techniques and styles. He has blended and blurred the lines of genres to craft a sound he calls 'Neo-Acoustic Folk/Funk'

The Florence Morning News

"Jacob is a great performer who has a way with words that will cause even the most curmudgeonly person to grin. The world needs more talent like this."

"From the New York beat poet adventure “Me and Jack Kerouac” to the song that is sure to make most female listeners sigh wistfully, “Makeup”, each song on Est. 1986 has lyrics that pull you in and make you a part of a unique story"

Tiffany Anne Heuser - GreenvilleScene.com