Jacob Haller / Press

“No one spins a tale more uniquely than Jacob Haller.”

“I can picture Jacob at the front of a classroom making a bunch of kids bop along while learning about a controversial heresy trial.”

“Providence musician Jacob Haller is as unique as his lyrics are clever.”

“Jacob Haller knows how to play to a crowd.”

Ted Hayes - The Sakonnet Times

“Haller cites Randy Newman and They Might Be Giants as influences, which pretty much nails the tone throughout Mistaken Identity; simple, insanely-quirky ditties built around piano, guitar, and the occasional accordion, with subject matter ranging from stolen kidneys to 'Adorable Kittens.'”

“Jacob Haller's lyrics are edgey, current, and most amusing, revealing a man so personable, bright, and talented, any knitter would love to share a knitting sit-in right beside him.”

“Haller is quiet and unassuming in his delivery and that makes these gems shine the brighter. And the listener laughs harder. You'll sing along to 'Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head' and 'Whenever I'm Sad I Do A Web-Search For Pictures Of Adorable Kittens.”

“Haller ranges with hints of Leon Redbone, Greg Brown and Paul Geremia, smoothly pulling out lines that are as catchy as a smile. The tunes themselves never try too hard. They are just fresh and somewhat jolly sounding.”