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"The Cathedral features a pretty blend of ethereal pop, folk and Americana, with exotic flourishes courtesy of world percussion instruments."

“...(Adolphe) gives you the words in a crystal clear fashion, hoping you will turn them over in your mind to better share the emotions and messages woven into the lyrics...”

“Although you may not have heard of this intense duo just yet, they are destined to be one of the major acts to follow throughout Canada over the next couple of years”

“(Jacob and Lily) have realized that less is more, and the result is a sense of musical communion that may well be overpowering when heard live.”

“… For a relatively new partnership, there is an audible chemistry between Jacob and Lily which is complemented by frequent flashes of brilliance in their songwriting…”

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“The multitude of delicate layers in the music mesh to form a strong sound — both familiar and refreshingly new.”

“(Ruby) A really a strong song; makes me look forward to hearing more music from them"”

Adam Lewis - The Planetary Group