Jack Witteveen / Press

“Jack Witteveen: A handyman with a heart for music. He is a builder by trade. He is a carpenter, a welder, and in the past, a builder of commercial buildings. Witteveen is also a builder of songs.Using the tools of imagination, passion, rhythm and expressive words, he fabricates songs that, he hopes, are just as lasting as the things he builds. The songs he writes tell a story, make a point, and, hopefully, stay on the listener’s mind. Recently, his acoustic guitar was within easy reach, and he picked it up and sang his ballads on home, love and America. Witteveen’s music seemed to come from the heart. “A song means more if it has passion,” the songwriter emphasized. “It can be good for dancing, good for listening. But it means more if it touches people.” He has recorded a CD, Jack Witteveen, which exhibits the variety of his originality. The ten compositions on the CD are country music in genre “with a southern rock kick.” These sentimental songs have a positive messag”

The Oxford Sun