Jackson Rodgers / Press

“You done good....Sounds like you can write. You're onto something.”

Steve Earle - Steve Fucking Earle

“Rodgers is an artist you should know. You should know him first for his music, which is deep in tune and soul.”

“With songs this good, this is definitely a guy who shouldn’t be strumming away in obscurity. No, this is music that should be punched up, filled out and presented to more serious Americana crowds.”

“...[on] an A-list of Orlando's music scene...”

"Rodgers...has built a solid reputation for his own roots-oriented style...including the [Gram] Parsons-worthy ballad "Satisfy the Need..."

"Jackson and Forest Rodgers [are] a duo who our live music reviewer Bao Le-Huu practically demands be seen by more people."

“...beautifully constructed, thoughtfully arranged, and pleasing to the soul...If you’re into [rock/roots/folk], listen to this! You will be pleased.”

Miriam Lorenzi - The Big O -- Metromix Orlando Blog

“Jackson, your lyrics are right on track, very good...”

Chris Hillman - The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Bros., The Desert Rose Band

“The closest thing to Gram Parsons I've ever heard.”

Jim Carlton - Gram Parsons, The Legends

“I really like your songs...I am glad to see some young artists carrying on the flame of the type of country rock that I like!”

John Jorgenson - The Desert Rose Band, Elton John, The Hellecasters

“Really like the lyrics...my kinda stuff!”

Pete Anderson - Dwight Yoakam, Roy Orbison, Meat Puppets

“Thumbs up, Jackson! The songs are top notch and your approach to the tracks is as well....Well done.”

Richard Bennett - Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Marty Stuart, Mark Knopfler

“You'll make the cut. Got a good mind & guts. Keep it up. You'll be going places.”

Hargus Pig Robbins - George Jones, Bob Dylan, Pretty Much Literally Everyone Else

“Wow - Very Nice...you are doing the work - GOOD.”

Steve Noonan - Jackson Browne, Greg Copeland

“I have listened to your songs and they - and you - both sound great!”

Shane Fontayne - Bruce Springsteen, Lone Justice, Maria McKee

“I honestly don't feel competent to say anything with any confidence. Just not a genre that I know much about.”

Noam Chomsky - Noam Motherfucking Chomsky