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“Jackson Garrett is the nom-de-plume of composer Christopher Gore and his ten piece big band. And what a band it is - a hybrid jazz and rock band, the sound is huge and beefy, with a punchy impact that will make the listener stare in surprise at his loudspeakers. In terms of style this album falls somewhere between the equally hybrid rock-jazz sound of 70s British 'superband' CCS and The Crusaders. Rock guitar solos sit alongside funky sax, backed up with punchy brass and, one has to say, rather a sexy siren vocal chorus. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is an extremely sassy album, full of in your face tunes and sparkling performances from all the musicians involved. Christopher Gore writes a mean tune and knows how to get the best from both the musicians and the music - he even sings on one or two tracks. Great fun and highly recommended.”

“The genius behind them is composer and producer Christopher Gore. The music has strong brass accents and will make you reminisce. It is a happy toe-tapper dedicated to Walter Earl Brown, the producer who contributed much to this and many other fine recordings.”

D. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Magazine

“‎"This is world-class talent! Take a good listen to LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE and find out why Jackson Garrett just might be the hottest thing in the Southern California desert!"”

Scott O'Brien - smoothjazz.com

“This high-energy band got high “EQ” (energy quotient) marks from me back in issue # 106… they go up a point, to 4.97 on this great 14-song CD. As you listen to the superb sax from guest Gary Bias (E,W & F) on “Don’t Tell Me What To Do“… you hear that? Jazz with some zerious ATTITUDE! This is definitely “in your face”, & if you dig it as much as I do, it’ll be IN YOUR EARS all day & all night long. There’s a kinda’ “Blues Brothers” vibe on the title cut, “Owed To The Dan“… slinky horns & all that! My favorite track, though, was the (very) jazzy “You Dirty Dog“… some great guitar work on this one. I give this krew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

“The Jackson Garrett Band is one of jazz music's coolest crew of hip cats who have mastered the art of creating true musical art. Based in southern California, Jackson Garrett's latest album, 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' contains 14 jazzy tracks of mood music that is sure to get your toes tapping and your fingers snapping. One of my immediate favorite tracks is "High Time". This is easy listening at its best. There's something really cool about a group of seasoned musicians helping keep music honest and real. Other notable songs include: "You Dirty Dog", "The South Side of the City", and "Owed To The Dan". ”

“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is some decent jazz with a nice mid to late 1970′s flair, which will be appreciated by those who like Grover Washington Jr., Steely Dan, or Michael Franks. Jackson Garrett is not a man but the name of a band fronted by Christopher Gore, and they play some fairly good jazz in a laid back manner, not quite smooth but with the potential to get there. I prefer the songs with full vocals rather than efforts where only four to five words are repeated over and over, that has always irked me, no matter who it is. I do love the horn sections on here, where it comes to revisiting that old Tonight Show feel or those old Air Force band records. For me, the musicianship is great.”

This Is Book's Music

“Nu big band by a crew that has no one named Jackson Garrett in the band. A loose affiliation of guys that have had a hand in the making of many of your faves, from across generations, there’s no dust on this bunch as they genre bend jazz and groove into some wild stuff that has a lot on the ball. An adventurous set that is challenging without being difficult, this is pretty much where jazz was going before the biz-jazz mutation co-opted these kind of sounds. ”


“The sounds of jazz flow freely through the works of the greats in the craft. From it's early days, jazz stars have been among the most creative and eclectic artists in their era. Jackson Garrett holds true to form in this light, giving fans all they can handle with "Speechless." A modern masterpiece in jazz sound, "Speechless" is a hand crafted gem, showcasing respect for the genre's past legends and appreciation for the ears and souls of modern jazz enthusiasts. A work not far from the best in the game, "Speechless" is ready for chart success immediately. Listening to this collection of songs, one can be transported to a breezy veranda in a faraway place, just letting the sounds of the music and the feeling of the breeze in your face transport you away. Let your imagination run wild tonight with a copy of "Speechless" by Jackson Garrett; leave the details for another day. ”

“The music is muscular but always errs on the side of the tune, without the improvisation skyrocketing into the stratosphere. On top of that the tunes also rock out - if you still love pre-ballad Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears then this album is for you. Take it from me these gentlemen play with heart and a great set of chops. I find it hard to really pick out some of the tracks as the best, each time I play this CD I just fall in love with the whole damn thing - this is my kind of jazz, a bit of blues, a bit of rock, and a whole lot of New Orleans, Kansas City, Chicago and New York mixed together. Jackson Garrett has created something of a classic jazz album here, it is just so good. Seek this album out, buy it and clutch it to your heart - it's that good. Highly recommended and one of the albums of the year so far for me.”

“The show at Annenberg Theater was very entertaining especially for anyone who likes the Big Jazz Band Sound. The list of superb musicians that appeared was like the "Who's Who" of live jazz music in the desert. First, we heard the great sax man who has played with Earth, Wind and Fire for the past 25 years, Gary Bias. Gary was really in his groove when he played "Sweet Love". Gary co-wrote this song that was performed by Anita Baker and won a Grammy Award. Marty Steele continues to impress audiences not only with his skillful keyboard performance but also with his song writing and his great arrangement talents. Chris Gore one of the best composers writing today for the wonderful array of songs and lyrics for tonight's program. Steve Madaio who performed some great solos and never fails to impress audiences throughout the country.”

“When you write but you don’t play, there’s nothing stopping you from surrounding yourself with cats that can play and letting them bring your works to life. Such is the journey of composer Garrett who knows some cats with funky, smooth jazz moves that know how to make a point, breathe life into an iconic sound or simply kick out the jams. A tasty after hours biz jazz date, the cats are having a good time throughout and there’s nothing about this that doesn’t say Friday evening/weekend. A nice bit of fun that goes the distance.”

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

“Jackson Garrett has performed and recorded in Montreal, New York City, Dallas, Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Influenced early on in his career by The Beatles, Steely Dan, Santana, Michael Franks, Stevie Wonder and many 70′s era artists, Jackson Garrett gravitated toward a jazzy sound as his music mellowed. In Palm Springs, CA he met Pat Rizzo, Andy Fraga, and Earl Brown, locals on the jazz scene with storied pasts, and his act soon became a fixture in the music scene. His newest album is entitled Speechless (2010) and is featuring Pat Rizzo (formerly of Sly And The Family Stone, War, Frank Sinatra), Steve Madaio (session player on such hits as “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder and “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire, and countless other hit pop tunes), and introducing trombonist Kenny Meier. With the rock-solid rhythm section, these horn players shine on this instrumental interpretation of Jackson Garrett’s earlier vocal CD Cool And Easy. Speechless is now arrived at CDBaby.”