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“It seems to me, Ocean Beach has long been a place for songwriters to feel creative and free,” says drummer and bandleader Chris Giorgio, whose upcoming album as Jackslacks, Earthling Sessions, includes an ode to O.B. called “The 92107.” A founding member of Forbidden Pigs and Hot Rod Lincoln, Giorgio recorded the album at Mike Kamoo’s Earthling Studios in East County with the help of Billy Joel guitarist Tommy Byrnes. “I grew up on Long Island and met Tommy in elementary school,” says Giorgio. “We both kind of had affections for the same little schoolgirl and, although neither one of us saw that come to fruition, we did strike up a lifelong friendship. He lent an ear as executive producer, at first as a personal favor, but later because he really dug the songs. The album also includes a reunion with his former Forbidden Pigs bandmate Billy Bacon. Giorgio has been part of the local blues, roots, and rockabilly scene for years opening for Paladins, Blasters, X and others.”

“Californian roots-rock artist Jackslacks has released a brand new 3-song concept EP, entitled “Invisible”. Jackslacks, to me, doesn’t just write groovy music or clever lyrics as much as he conjures up a gateway to somewhere far more esoterically romantic or beautifully tragic. I knew this EP had the potential to be good, but I never imagined it would be this great. The new EP strips away the electronic excess so often found in modern music and just strums and grooves away with the organic sounding stuff – slide guitars, upright basses, harmonicas, and pianos, plus pretty melodies and great songwriting. Their music is quirky without being obtuse, literate without being pretentious, catchy with being cloying. It’s got that overall rockabilly groove, but at the same time it reserves an alternative edge. Clearly, “Invisible” is not simple barn-stomping music, but food for some serious thought…that you can swing and groove to, obviously!”

“How could you possibly not enjoy yourself when Jackslacks is playing? An annual tradition for this roots-rockin’ Southern Californian song-writer, this whole puttin’ out new tunes thang…I can dig that. This year, where we join in and become a part of the Jackslacks journey, we’ve got our hands on the Invisible EP. After reading about it and having a listen to it – we’re not the only ones! Not only does Jackslacks have a solid-following & fan-base already – but you can also see from the album’s credits just how many people come along to lend a hand at the ol’ Jackslacks studio-ranchola way down in sunny San Diego…there are a TON of talented musicians on this EP! Big fan of the guitars in the title-track and final-song “Invisible” – the subtly shines through with a clever distinct melody. Another up-tempo, catchy song ripped right from the corners of music’s time/space continuum, “Invisible” is audibly just as fun and upbeat as the rest of the roots CD.”

“Jackslacks returns, this now an annual fixture. After 2013 'Jazz Farm' and 'Other Side' of 2014 comes the classic 'Invisible' EP. Three new Jackslacks tracks cross referencing rockabilly & country, although you hear more American blues. Opens with "Your Time Has Come" featuring front line harmonica by Bill Giorgio. "Back In The Mix" becomes sweeter and immediately brings to mind the 50's, the Prairies and the Dukes of Hazzard. Pentatonic solo's fly into the third and final track which also gives its name to the EP: here it looks to revive the Rolling Stones, a little revolutionary; in the distance a surging Mick Jagger onstage with his incredible movements. It's always a pleasure to take a trip into the past in the name of Jackslacks.”

“This 3 song CD features my pal Johnny Mercury on lead and rhythm guitar, and other names I recognize as well – Billy Bacon (backing vocals, of the Forbidden Pigs, whom Jackslacks drummed for), and Bill Giorgio from Detroit’s Nobody’s Business on harmonica. Jackslacks is a drummer and singer/songwriter, with 3 solid musicians and some additional backing singers also filling out his band for these Rockabilly/Rock’ n’ Roll styled tracks. He’s based in the San Diego area. You can check him out at Jackslacks.bandcamp.com and you should!”

“Jackslacks: ”Good old fashioned, no-holds-barred American music.” That’s the feel when you hear the upbeat rockabilly songs that possess just a touch of surf rock and southern guitar twang. Finding this type of music in the days of constant bombardment of mediocre pop songs comes with difficulty. This new 3 song EP includes not only Jackslacks (artist and driving force behind these songs) but a large combination of San Diego Jazzies, Seattle-based guitarist Johnny Mercury, and exbandmates all named Bill (Giorgio, Bacon, and Grubbs). The song “Invisible,” imagines a 50-60’s diner with a jukebox playing tunes that have deep meaning rather than just rhymy hound dog lyrics. It doesn’t represent the vibe of the Fonz, but rather a deep understanding of mortality and consciousness that pairs righteously with your vanilla milkshake with borboun. It’s fun, yet real.”

“As a founding member of veteran San Diego acts Forbidden Pigs and Hot Rod Lincoln, Jackslacks (aka Chris Giorgio) has long enjoyed a career steeped in rockabilly and roots-rock. But the drummer/vocalist has released a lot of new music in recent years, and the three songs on Invisible feature a solid cast of players, excellent musicianship and a retro/malt-shop feel.”

“One gets the impression, early and often, that Jackslacks is very much a retro guitar-oriented project with guitar and vocals in the forefront. Musicianship and musical flow equal parts grooving, equal parts rocking providing the perfect connection with people who enjoy this amazing style of music. Musicianship is undeniably appealing, with saloon style piano, rockabilly-50’s style rhythm guitar and solos, acoustic guitar and Americana fretwork laid over solid bass covering a variety of genres (in terms of tempo and feel). Also worthy of note is the crisp production work, which does a definitive job in highlighting the band’s strengths while keeping a nice easy going musical flow in the process. The songwriting is far above average, with hooky-danceable tunes, songs that naturally run their course. Jackslacks has lived the life and walks the walk and talks the talk. He’s for real, this music is real, and this EP, "Other Side" is what the world needs right now.”

“Jackslacks - Other Side - more rockabilly! Two tracks on the new EP of Jackslacks, drummer and singer from San Diego that has the honor of having opened concerts of sacred monsters such as Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis - the Killer. The first track (Other Side) more like country - but closer to the outlaw sung by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Adds a violin driving throughout the soft melody of the song, and the chorus - which is also very catchy. The second track , Come Home With Me - this time brings us back to the 50s. Here is the classic rockabilly with extensive quotations of the genre reminding us of Everly Brothers - Bye, Bye Love: slap bass, guitar licks of savages, in short, a sort of Stray Cats sound.”

“Staying relevant for an extended time in the ever changing music is a real challenge. When there is true talent in a musician this becomes much easier. Talent stays in style even as the fickle public changes their tastes. Jackslacks has been doing it for a long time and is back with more. Recently Jackslacks released his seventh solo record titled 'Other Side' on the Shield Of Love indie label. This record is very personal to Jackslacks as it is an homage to his father who passed away last year. It is a family reunion as well as an ode to the fallen family leader. Brother Bill came in to lay down his guitar stylings, nephew Billy sings backup, and Jackslacks’ daughter Taylor Giorgio lends the interesting violin piece to the mix. The title track “Other SIde” combines an assortment of sound into the mellow and touching track. There is an upbeat feel to the song that seems to make everything seem OK. On “Come Home With Me” there is another attack on the good times.”

“The “Other Side” is full of invention and wonder; originality combined with allusions to other masters of the genre. Jackslacks really hearkens back to the 60′s sound, with great almost “throw-back” melodies and harmonies. Yet at the same time there is a modern indie, lo-fi vibe bubbling under the hood. This is one of those once in a while albums that comes along and it marks whatever time period you discovered it during, as a positive, warm time. The songs give heed to a time when everyone was welcome, you knew your neighbor, and one more was always welcome for dinner. The sounds here are as good as the best home cooking. You could say that Jackslacks is a little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun. These are real musicians who love music and play and produce their own, disregarding the the corporate rubbish setting the trends today. They are in no way cacophonous as you would expect of this genre sometimes; the “Other Side” is a beautiful blend of nostalgia.”

“So what do artists like Frantic Flintstones, Long Tall Texans, Guana Batz, & The Cramps have that Jackslacks doesn’t? Not much if you ask me save the promotional machines and major record label support. This is a red hot band that breaks the mold with their classic rock sound and amazing movements that will mesmerize and are shall I say, “off the hook good” with entertaining songwriting that has deep seeded 50’s rock roots but also possesses elements of melodic rock and a dash of Psychobilly. Track 1 (Other Side) has a sizzling feel to them while (Come Home With Me) has more of a hotter aftertaste. The playing skills of Jackslacks is to die for. I highly encourage you to take a fresh listen, apparently there are still a few bands out there believe in playing music the way it is meant to be played. Produced by Mike Kamoo & Jackslacks.”

“Jackslacks new release 'Farm Jazz' gets off the ground nicely with "Generations Hypnotized” a smooth flowing intro piece that serves up slamming Americana groove meshed against thought provoking lyrical content and effective harmonies from these 4 cats. Track 2 “Don’t Mind Me” keeps things moving in the right direction with an earthy groove driven intro against steady flowing rhythm, well placed acoustic guitar chops painted against a hooky chorus making for an impressive follow-up statement. I would classify this music as classic Rockabilly, Americana, with brief touches of Earthy Folk, even Saloon Jazz, R&B to Psychedelic Jam Band of the 70’s. Music is reminiscent of classic Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Monkees. As for the Jackslacks's vocal abilities well, he’s a great advent. His voice goes down smooth and fills the space peacefully and unobtrusively with a timber that is simply infectious. All songs are extremely well crafted - world class songwriting.”

“Jackslacks to me writes songs about the people, things and the status of our culture, with a healthy combination of humor, skepticism, and honesty. I get the impression he questions what he already knows, and asks listeners to join him in viewing life from a different angle. Melding a unique yet accessible blend of 50’s style rockabilly guitars, hooky beats and melodies, tasty harmonies, groove-ridden bass lines and an infectious vocal front – makes it all the more deadly. Indeed the retro Jackslacks sound is a testament to how they insist on shifting the face of alt-pop-rock. Enter the mind musing, comical trip of the latest EP entitled Farm Jazz the latest 2 song release. This life’s opus skirts the lines of life from the causal observers point of view. As a result Farm Jazz is a very human blend of their comical spin on life through his music and possesses a very accessible signature tone. Indeed intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies are the heart of the Jackslacks formula.”

"'Don't Mind Me'...I like the melody from guitarist Eric Hutchinson to start things off. Jackslacks has a really soothing tone to his voice - an uplifting demeanor in his singing - and the background vocals are really harmonious. I like the lyrics to this song too. Jackslacks drum pattern is really groovy, and I like the way the tambourine is used throughout the instrumental section. Bassist Dave Votel really knows how to invigorate the harmonic structure with nice rhythmic accents. The instrumental parts, including piano from Alejandro Aste-Neito, were balanced real well, and I thought the audio quality was perfectly mastered and mixed. Jackslacks sounds like the Beach Boys mixed with a Midwestern Polka band! It's a unique style that really shows the musicianship and life behind the artists."

“From start to finish Farm Jazz by Jackslacks is a rock solid musical teaser. The songwriting – the gold standard, all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Note for note, song for song there isn’t really weak piece on this entire catalog. The writing and playing abilities of these 4 is rock solid. The melodies and harmonies are well crafted, and the lyrical content is packed to the hilt with good old fashioned no holds barred Rockabilly-Jam Band-Rock n' Roll swagger. At the end of the day Jackslacks brings the mojo and is clearly a marquee talent based out of the San Diego area. One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on him as this summer unfolds.”

“America, the country where the rhythm & blues was born and where subsequent blues rock sounds prevailed giving birth in ages to many different musical genres. One of these is obviously the rockabilly and to recognize their native country we wanted to treat the new work of Jackslacks, band far from new, coming from San Diego. Sixth publication but offers only an EP glimpse to their fans. The first song, Generations Hypnotized touches the classic landscapes that an average Italian imagines when he dreams the States: sunny beaches, cocktails on the ledge of a bar and tufts for nothing shy about Elvis that you see around. So the references to R & B are very strong and take flight when a body is to be present characteristic. With the second song Don't Mind Me instead is rooted in a vein Beatles not disregarding the teachings that the country and the American folk sent for decades. Here the sound that is bestowed by the amplifiers is refined and layered, and that opens us up to new horizons.”

“'Jackslacks drop 2 hot new singles' This single from Jackslacks is two songs that are a catchy, folk and country influenced alternative pop style. Both are quite entertaining and showcase a talented musical act. Jackslacks is a San Diego, California based group consisting of Jackslacks, Eric Hutchinson, Dave Votel and Jano Aste-Nieto. Jackslacks himself is something of a rarity in the music business in that he’s a drummer who also sings. “Lucky Man” has a real lazy sort of laid back mode. The vocals (and even the arrangement in some ways) remind me a bit of Neil Young, but these have more clarity and a better melodic element to them than that comparison conveys. “Best Friend Gone Away” starts tentatively, but then powers out into a bouncing kind of pop rock meets country style. It’s instantly likeable and catchy and it's hard to listen to this and not feel happy. There’s a tasty electric guitar solo that just oozes an old school rock and roll vibe.”

“Single Reviews: Best Friend Gone Away / Lucky Man...The first song, “Best Friend Gone Away,” has an excellent beat to it. I admire anyone who can play the drums and sing at the same time. There is an excellent guitar solo and the whole tune just makes me feel good. I love the line “She sees me on the inside.” There are only certain songs I would listen to while I’m driving and this is one of them. It has such an upbeat tempo and the voice is so smooth. I have the desire to listen to this cut over and over again until I learn the words so I can sing-along. It also has an excellent bass line and the harmonies are right on. I also love the rhythmic clapping. The second song, “Lucky Man,” is a little more mellow, but still has an excellent beat. I’m drawn to this one because I’m a sucker for harmony. The guitar solos have more of a country feel to them which fits perfectly for this piece. Overall Rating – 9 out of 10.”

“Jackslacks...I hope you don't mind. I sent your music around and the answer was pretty well unanimous, We love that retro groove. So, the songs are on Westfield Radio in rotation as of right now. We'll be sure to play them on the Indie Show as well.”

“Playing 'When She Was Mine' on this Sundays show. Love the song! ”

“Jackslacks 'Lucky Man'... I worked with Stray Cats years ago with Bill Wyman producing. Quite nice song ,,, good vibe to it ,,, good time music. Regards Stuart.”

“Jackslacks Rock and Roll Dinosaur review...This is a collection of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll music, based on the original 50s and 60s sound, with influences of the rockabilly revival sound of the 80s. Any way you look at it (or listen to it), this platter offers a wide variety of sounds and rhythms ranging from rockabilly and rock 'n' roll to cajun and mersey beat. A fine addition to any rock 'n' roll collection.”

“Jackslacks has plenty of experience in this unique form of music, playing in several top notch rockabilly bands. And, adding to his rockabilly pedigree, he has played and recorded with bassist Lee Rocker of the '80's pop icons The Stray Cats.”

“Jackslacks, rockabilly singer and drummer has released somewhat of a retrospective of his work that dates back to his tenure with Billy Bacon & Forbidden Pigs and Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln in San Diego. There's plenty of great old school rocka-rocka nuggets to be found amoung the 15 tunes. 'Heat Lightning' a blazing hot track featuring Johny Mercury on guitar, kicks off this fine collection.”

“While there's nothing new under the sun, at least here in the Valley, Jackslacks has stoked the fires of a genre that has been called the purest form of rock 'n roll. He has his feet firmly planted in that jittery, blues-based style that combines equal parts country and hillbilly boogieor, as Carl Perkins once said, 'blues with a country beat.'”

“Former memeber of The Stray Cats and now leader of his own band, legendary stand-up bassist Lee Rocker has been seen out and about in Detroit lately. He's here producing the next release of local rockabilly Jackslacks (with Nobody's Business). Last week they all took a break and headed out for some drinks and an impromptu jam session at The Office Lounge on Telegraph. It proved to be a very hot night indeed, and I'm not talking thermometer readings! Listen at: http://www.betarecords.com/jackslacks”

“Forget grunge, hip hop or techno. Straightforward, earnest, original rock 'n roll - the music of Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley - is alive and well. Jackslacks, a dynamic, roots-rocker is in the process of adding another dimension to modern music, by breaking new ground with an old sound.”

“Still honoring rock and roll pioneers like Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, Jackslacks also put a modern spin on his traditional American Music last Saturday night by smoothly mixing classic & neo-rockabilly.”

“Jackslacks probably exemplifies the Sun sound as much as, if not more than any other local act at the moment, which is no surprise since he confesses to a love for the Sun recording sessions and stars of the 50's.”