Jackie Venson / Press

“Austin blues guitarist Jackie Venson knows what it's like to win audiences over, one note at a time.”

“Also known for her skill as a guitarist, Venson’s dynamic approach to music, honed as a student at Boston’s Berklee College, brings together blues, soul and pop in a way you’ve never heard before.”

“Her muscular fretwork is balanced by a singing voice that radiates warmth and spirit.”

“Her delicate, yet mesmerizing voice and the ease with which her fingers find all the right notes along her guitar’s neck will have your head in the clouds.”

“...she fearlessly presents a number of styles, feels, and moods—all anchored by a rainbow of Stratocaster sounds.”

“Venson, a Berklee College of Music graduate, channels the soulful sounds of Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse in her tunes. She also has an impressive set of skills under her belt...”

“Austin’s got no shortage of indie blues musicians whose music sounds great from a coffeehouse stage, but it only has a few who can put together the total package of eclectic, soulful jams and a stridently powerful voice the way that Jackie Venson can.”

“Between the incandescence of her fierce nature and the technical proficiency of her fretwork, Venson is poised to show people how this kind of hybrid musical cacophony can move and influence without resorting to overt sentimentality or emotional manipulation.”

“...an enthusiastic gear head and a player who loves to explore multiple genres and mix them together into compelling musical hybrids.”

“...you will see a deeply passionate singer and guitar player who truly feels every word she sings and every note she plays.”

“With a gorgeous singing voice, a guitar style that is both dynamic and technically precise, and music that blends genres, she is one to watch out for.”

“As part of a new generation of stellar players, Venson preaches her refreshing blend of rock, soul, and blues wherever she performs.”

“She's capable of brilliant solos but also subtle little figures that fit the mood of a song.”

“Venson’s ability to connect with listeners through her smoldering vocals and expressive, blues-inspired guitar playing has earned her a spot as a rising star in the Austin music scene.”

“Austin has no shortage of music creatives, but few demonstrate such style and precision as Venson. With a voice that channels Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse, and a guitar tone that echoes legend Jeff Buckley, the Austin native will no doubt awaken the indie-blues muse in all of her listeners.”

“While Venson really can shred like one of the greats, her angelic vocals and unique blend of blues, R&B and reggae on her recent album deliver a fresh take on the genre that started it all in America.”

“I like to think she has the vocal tenderness of Sade and the musical abilities comparable to (pardon the blasphemy) Stevie Ray Vaughan.”

“She’s a powerhouse, holding her own even when she’s on stage alone with only her Stratocaster and her soulful, raw, and timeless songs.”

“What is even more remarkable about Venson, who has considerable skill and a knack for combining modern influences with old-school blues, is that she has only been playing the blues and guitar for around five years.”

“The live record offers a raw follow-up to her 2015 studio full-length, The Light in Me and shows Vensons’s tenacity at the blues with a precision cut tone and heartfelt delivery that rivals few today.”

“For viewers and listeners alike, the thing to be astonished about this musician is a piece of cake. Just watch Jackie’s fingers on her guitar and marvel at the speed and sound that she turns into musical magic.”

“With an astonishing mix of raw soul, superb musicianship and laid back grace it was easy to believe that we were participating in the origin story of Austin’s next great export -- a Gary Clark Jr. level talent who speaks boldly through her guitar while simultaneously entrancing with her gorgeous smoky voice.”

“...there are many other musicians out there who have toiled for decades and still don’t have half the musical smarts of this 25 year old guitarist.”

“And that singing voice… Heavenly, it is always pure-toned and impeccably sassy.”

“On top of the elastic dynamism of her voice, the Berklee graduate, 26, has also become something of an instrumental virtuoso.”

“Venson’s uplifting interpretation of the blues separates her from the pack.”

“In her native Austin, the singer, songwriter and guitarist has been known as one of the Live Music Capital’s most talented and versatile young musicians for a while.”

“In a town like Austin, Texas which is known for guitar virtuosos like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Clark Junior, Jackie Venson holds her own.”

“Jackie Venson may be young, but she’s already got years of music experience behind her.”

“Damn, can this girl play the blues! She makes her guitar talk and burn and ache and rock, so I feel it to my core.”

“Venson is no dilettante, wannabe performer, however a real staple of what a musician can achieve when they put in their 10, 000 hours for both musical schooling, and late night pub sessions for practical honing”

“Jackie Venson is one of the most world’s most awe-inspiring Texas blues guitarists.”

“I don’t know what secured my Jackie Venson fandom first: that voice or that guitar. In truth, it’s probably the interaction between the two that makes Venson’s music magic.”

“...Venson presents a classic sound that’s not easy to come by these days. And she makes it seem easy.”

“That voice is as clear as diamond and as dangerous as glass.”

“Jackie Venson is a cool guitar chick with a beautiful voice.”

“...when she takes hold of her instrument, there’s no denying that that’s where the magic lies.”

"Sounding as if Meshell Ndegeocello and Ledisi met for drinks while catching Alice Smith live during one feisty girls night out, Venson brings that kind of raw energy, class and rhythm to her music as she keeps on a steady quest to remodel blues for a new generation."

“Local guitarist Jackie Venson has become a staple in the Austin music scene for her expressive voice and incredible guitar playing for a few years now.”

“I have no idea how Venson has escaped widespread attention for this long, but if you’re the type of person who derives satisfaction from being able to say “I heard it first,” let everyone else’s loss be your gain, and jump on her bandwagon now. With songs this solid, production that knows enough to stand back and let the music breathe, and an effervescent joy that beams through every note she sings...”

“Austin-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Jackie Venson is making a name with herself with her exceptional and adventurous virtuosity on guitar and gritty yet melodic soulful singing.”

“Jackie Venson is a whole package of talent, passion, and hard work.”

“Unbelievable. If I had not seen her live video, I would not have believed that anyone could play guitar in such a way that it sounded like there was a whole band playing when it is just Jackie Venson”

“Austin homegrown Jackie Venson makes blues music for a new generation, sweet-husky vocals intermingling with improvised and complex steel-stringed jams, perfect for live shows, whether in clubs made cozy with warm light or while cocooning crowds at stadiums.”

“Some people just have a little too much talent and, on the evidence of The Light In Me, Austin-native Jackie Venson certainly appears to be one of them.”

“Texas-based Jackie Venson is a Berklee College of music classical music graduate who took up blues rock guitar and blows the roof off every venue she plays in US or Europe.”

“Venson kills it with her crystal-clear vocal delivery, insane musicality ...that will leave you begging for more.”

“Seamlessy moving through every genre from Blues and Jazz to R&B and Reggae, Jackie's music has something for every ear.”

“...her music is soulful, bluesy and straight from the heart. She is another reminder that Texas is such a music talent hub...”

“Jackie’s music radiates soul and energy, making for an inherently fun listening experience.”

“...Jackie Venson impresses listeners young and old with her heartfelt lyrics and musical mastery.”


“What struck me more than the packed, multi-age crowd and Jackie’s guitar pyrotechnics was the soul in her groove and in her lyrics.”

“With heartfelt songs written and performed with such sincerity, Jackie performs with style and grace.”

“Though there are many vibrant voices that come our way daily, a lot don't get to stand on a table and shout out loud, but Venson, on the other hand, has the boisterous attitude as well as the creative drive to create tunes her way without bending to any so-called rules, and those elements will spark and have her elbow her way to the front of the line without a misstep.”

“Jackie’s voice has a cool old school vibe with a modern twist that will hypnotize any and all who hit the play button on any one of her singles.”

“Soul-blues-rocker Jackie Venson... sounds like she must have been wailing on the guitar all her life. Actually, she didn't pick up the instrument until four years ago...”

“It's hard to say which caught my attention first: Jackie Venson's guitar playing or her gorgeous voice. But at the end of the day, it's Venson's songwriting chops that take the prize.”

“Aside from being fantastic on the guitar and a great singer/songwriter, she's an accomplished pianist as well.”