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“Jackie Dee is back with “Six String Heart” – her third and most personable album to date. Juggling her time as a family therapist and a singer-songwriter, this new release sees Jackie fearless in tackling the tougher topics including domestic violence and mental illness. Produced by the award-winning Matt Fell, the album will be released February 17th. When asked to describe her new album, Jackie tell us, “This collection of songs symbolise a monumentally challenging time for me and my family. ‘Contemplating Life’ which has just been released to radio. This track reflects on many big issues affecting our planet and society and sends a message that we must nurture our relationships first and foremost. Described as sometimes a little ‘Country Belle’ and sometimes a little ‘Rock Chick’, the mum of two describes her style as ‘coastal country’ (living where the bush meets the sea) sung with a voice that has been likened to Faith Hill and Mollie McClymont. Six Strin”

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“Jackie’s second album with Matt Fell producing opens windows into her soul in a heartfelt way that leaves little to wonder about when it comes to a life lived. Heartbreak features big in Fools Fall Hard and Trampoline, she fights back in Game Over, while female support is evident in Friend. Family figures large in Precious One and the influence of Jackie’s small community in the Illawarra can be discerned in tell-tale ways. There’s a mix of tenderness and hard-earned truth in the 10 self-penned songs, with a marked improvement in Jackie’s song writing over her first offerings and as she says in In my own skin she is ‘comfortable in my own skin’. Jackie’s vocal presentation also show a new confidence that makes this a fine example of contemporary country music. There is something special in the album’s overall sound that comes from the closeness of singer and producer working on something they both believed in and those augers well for a long career.”

“The performing and song writing Jackie Dee has been undertaking for at least the past decade has culminated in this contemporary album produced by Matt Fell. The songs Jackie has written for these albums are obviously penned by a strong and independent young woman. Yes there are the love-gone-wrong songs like ‘Fools Fall Hard’ (which she sings exquisitely) and songs about self-assurance like ‘Game Over’, but there are a few surprises like ‘Precious One’ which is about the pride in raising a child. My pick of the 10 tunes Jackie has written is ‘In My Own Skin’, mainly because it is so different. Jackie? Well sometimes she is a bit Rock Chick and sometimes a bit Country Belle, but no matter how we categorise her this album shines a light on a charming and welcome new talent.”

“JACKIE DEE – NEW SINGLE/ALBUM “DOORS & WINDOWS” ‘Doors & Windows’ the new radio single from Jackie Dee, is a self-penned metaphor for endings and new beginnings. Award-winning Matt Fell is back in the producer’s chair along with musicians from both Sydney and Nashville. The single & title track from Jackie’s second studio album released in February and features all original tracks from the artist who started her career in a school pop rock band. Jackie calls her original music ‘coastal country’. Based in Helensburgh NSW, where the bush meets the sea, Jackie finds great inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and this is reflected in her captivating lyrics. The left-handed guitarist balances her days with music, her work as a family relationship counsellor, being a mum and wife. Following a separation from her husband, she freely admits that many songs on the new album deal with that emotionally tough time and is happy to share that they are a stronger & ha”

“JACKIE DEE... TIDE ‘Tide’ the 2nd single & title track from Jackie Dee’s debut EP was inspired by a booked titled ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle. It’s about being present in the moment of life and not living in the past or the future. “Maybe we’ve just gotta learn to swim... with the tide”, Jackie Dee - Tide While growing up in Sydney’s south, the famed ‘Shire’, home is now the small coal-mining town of Helensburgh, the gateway to the Illawarra NSW. She came to the attention of the Australian country music industry in 2008 when she entered an Illawarra song competition, sponsored by the Helensburgh Workmen's Club. One of the judges, Colin Buchanan, named Jackie’s song ‘A Few Wrong Turns’ (the first single from her EP) the overall competition winner. Follow the link to read more.....”