Jack Brass Band / Press

“Brass bands long have been an integral part of the hallowed New Orleans music scene, but their influence is spreading, and Minnesota is blessed with a really great one.”

“The newest album by the Jack Brass Band is even more exciting than their 2005 CD. It’s more traditional in its choice of material but still smacks of the fresh ideas of a modern band... that would be an instant hit at jazz, blues or roots music festivals.”

“Their hometown is a thousand miles from New Orleans but the music hasn’t changed. Like the Rebirth and Dirty Dozen, the Jack Brass Band plays some of the traditional oldies but tailors familiar compositions by current songwriters to the “street beat” style of the Big Easy.”

“The members of the Jack Brass Band obviously have a deep love for the music that inspired them. At the same time, they have the good sense not to treat the tradition like a museum piece. By adding their own vision, they help to keep this music vital—and that is the highest tribute it can be paid.”

“the band was tight and radiated an energy that eclipsed that of the crowd...in the live setting, the band does a great job of conjuring up the “Oh Leens” sound.”

“Kudos to the Orchestra Hall folks for booking the Jack Brass Band to play in the lobby at Sunday's Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert. The local blowers solidly impressed the crowd”

Chris Riemenschneider - Star Tribune Newspaper

“Quality musicianship and a real understanding of the New Orleans style make the Jack Brass Band roll.”