Jackass Flats / Press

“..awe-inspiring to a degree that was eerie to behold.”

“Given the current industry buzz over Americana music, Jackass Flats just might be on the verge of landing the national stage.”

“This rules. Straight-up Grand Ol Opry-style country from this local group who play like the whole Garth Brooks revolution in Nashville never happened.”

“the group [has] maneuvered around the strict boundaries established by folk music purists and reinvented themselves as a flexible rock band capable of handling an assortment of styles.”

“Jackass Flats are simultaneously faithful to their bluegrass while subscribing to an indie aesthetic which allows them to reel in both the young and old.”

“A word of advice for fellow photographers shooting a Jackass Flat show, keep your shutter speed high my friend!”

“With the album, ‘Rusty Feeling,’ the [former] string band delves deeper into the spirit of alt-country and progressive pop, while keeping their bluegrass foundation playing strong.”

“During their performance, it crossed my mind that “Kick Ass Flats,” would be just as fitting a name.”

“After the show was over, I made it home and after a few cold beers my blood pressure has begun to stabilize.”

“Jackass Flats emerged as the opening act that kicked off the evening with heartfelt recitations, thrusting the night into a layered tier of musical intricacies and enlightened rhythms that have left me somewhat surprised and stunted.”

“2002 Virginia State Champion Bluegrass Band honors”


“Jackass Flats has created some magical musical moments that should earn the group an abundance of attention! ”


“2003 Best Bluegrass/Country Band”

internet magazine Richmond.com

“2004 Americana/Jamband Band of the Year”

-Virginia Music Award

“..especially captivating instrumental work..”