Jac Dalton / Press

“Jac Dalton and Graham Greene recently made a guest appearance on Firebrand Rock Radio's Group Therapy show (UK). As well as playing some tracks from the Icarus and Leap Of Face albums, show host Doc asked Jac and Graham about their respective careers, the story behind Icarus, current plans and more. . (36 minutes 47 seconds)”

"The compositions of the songs are amazing! Definitely one of the best Albums I’ve heard in the past 5 years! I like this album more than “1987” by Whitesnake!" - Alejandro "RockBoy" For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

“*Band Score 9.5/10* "Incredible Band that excites you with their tunes. Melodic Rock/Hard Rock at its best!!" ”

“Nick Katona: CEO Melodic Revolution Records and DJ on AiiRadio.net [On Jac Dalton and "Waterline"] 31/07/2012 "I get a ton of music sent to me as you all aware and every now and then I find out about a band that still creates magic with every beat and this band is one of those bands. This is pure melodic rock check them out and judge for yourself."”

"Great songs, great band and production with a ripping bass player you can actually hear! The most exciting straight ahead Oz-rock band we've heard in a while! Every track is on station and we want more please!"

"US Expat Rocker with own Aussie Charity flies with Icarus" "The Jac Dalton band has recently picked up national and international management."

"Dalton’s voice has something reminiscent of a younger David Coverdale – rich honey and whiskey seeping through velvet wrapped charcoal..."

"2010’s melodic rock album of the year!" - The Rockpit