Jabee / Press

“Jabee's music has the potential to change the world. ”

Chuck D - Public Enemy

“Everyone make sure to check out Jabee. Great music. Lot of heart and thought in those tracks”

Brother Ali - Rhymesayers

“He’s an artist you’d want your kids to look up to. A great role model and a great music artist.”

Andy Cool - IMKING

“Jabee is constantly drawing from a rugged experience to make sweet music and tough music..every time a guy like Jabee comes along he reminds you of how much an impact one can have when they take part in the lives of others. ”

Danny Marroquin - Skywriters

“It is pure hip-hop music, with many messages.”

DJ Switch - NONzine

“Jabee does Oklahoma City proud. He is versatile, crazy talented and hustles harder every year”

Justin Boland - Auidble Hype

“One of Oklahoma's most talented and accomplished rappers”

Matt Carney - The Daily

“Jabee’s music does not just sound "good for Oklahoma” — it holds its own with the top levels of "backpack” hip-hop.”

Doller - International Rock Music

“Jabee puts on a hell of a show....get his mixtape...”

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