Jaan Landheer / Press

"Once again I’ve been handed a gem of an artist across the wires...At first listen, my first thought was this music is a cross between Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, and the Beach Boys without bass... It’s very soothing music that you can easily lose yourself within his words and simple melodies. His clean, clear vocals against the strummed chords fill your ears with the compassion he obviously feels... Yep, it’s that kind of music. Simple, easy, touching, and filled with heart."

“Pat Branch, here in NYC… songwriter and bass player and also a member of REVERBNATION. Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Lift Me Up " is a terrific track of yours and I became your fan. And clicked the “LIKE” button!”

Pat Branch

"Based largely on his job as a street outreach worker, Tristero is brimming with life-affirming messages and poignant storytelling that’s inspired by the homeless teens and adults whom Landheer encounters daily. But rather than wear some sociopolitical message on his sleeve, Landheer uses his day job as a jumping-off point for some seriously soulful music making. Sonically, Tristero plays out like an atmospheric folk-rock collection with a slight hip-hop leaning, calling to mind the ballads of Damien Rice, Dispatch, and at times, even a young Chris Martin."

“I have had the pleasure of hearing many of Jaans tunes. And have a CD with several burned on it. I play it all the time and it is even on my Ipod. You are amazing my friend... In so many ways. One of the realist people i know.”


“Outstanding music and songs, you are a very talented & gifted artist, keep up the wonderful work! God Bless! Best wishes from England, Rob.”

Robert Steven Hunt (artist)

“This is AWESOME. Very well put together music, its awesome. Nice sound. Keep 'em coming, ”

Adam Perkowski

“If you're looking for new music or something different, give Jaan Landheer a shot! It's mellow and relaxing, pretty good stuff!”