Izzy Starchild and The Psychedelic Rose / Press

“2007: Live From Moonbase One Studios EP (Izzy Starchild And The Psychedelic Rose)”

“But ultimately, Izzy Starchild & Psychedelic Rose sounds most like a solid, late ’90s garage band, and its grunge influences do a lot of the heavy lifting.”

“Izzy Starchild and the Psychedelic Rose is spreading fantastic grooves around the universe. In the dictionary this bands photo should come after the word Original. Everything about this band is just that…original.”

“Keep your eye on these American rockers they are destined for greatness.”

“American punk funk band Izzy Starchild and the Psychedelic Rose sign up to represent America in the Emergenza Rock Festival. Emergenza is the largest rock festival in the world for up and coming, unsigned bands. The festival holds concerts in more than 150 cities around the world. It features up and coming bands from across the globe. There are elimination rounds in different countries throughout the year, whereby the bands that advance are selected by the audiences that hear them. Professional judges choose the winners at regional and final concerts.”

“Q: Izzy Starchild is an alter ego you’ve had for a couple different projects. How did the persona come about? It’s derived off a childhood nickname; my mom called me “Spaceboy.” She said my attention span was short. Izzy is like a rock and roll prophet from Mars, or something.”

“ “Make sure you come out and see me once,” Izzy says, “because you’re going to see something original and innovative.””

“1999 International Society of Poets Poetry Contest and Symposium Finalist and Book Publishing Contract Winner.”