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“This one-woman band offered a sonic portal to a different world. Her tantric drum beats combined with what Cox calls “voodoo billy” guitar riffs, painting a portrait of sideshow circus freaks living in a twisted gypsy den. But that’s just her music. Cox’s powerful voice pierced the air, inviting the audience to read her heartbreak-laden diary pages. She calls herself the “murder ballad queen” because of her affinity for lyrics such as I’m gonna burn, burn, burn your house to the ground, and I feel, I feel like killin’/Something’s wrong with my brain. Although she does well performing by herself with just a guitar and a bass drum, a real band might enhance and round out her sound. It’s hard to pin any specific genre onto Izzy Cox’s music, but the seedy backdrop of the Double Down was the perfect place for her to perform. Let’s just say she’s out for blood, and she doesn’t care who knows it.”

"On a small stage ( Izzy Cox) an Adele look-alike stomps the pedal of a bass drum with a cowboy boot and angrily strums an acoustic guitar. She shouts a song about fucking and fighting, fighting and fucking. Fireworks begin to fly. Literally. Roman candles. Bright red sparks and deafening blasts inside the bar. The mule rears in terror and deposits a steaming dump on the floor. More sparks, more blasts, a smoky haze. Bob Ray is filming the Drunk Drivers of Texas public service announcement."

“Izzy Cox has "dedicated her life to touring and playing music and writing songs about her experiences". She resides in Austin, Texas but is hitting up our very own Pure Pop records on Thursday night. She would like to play your musical venue, house party, death march and so on, and is an Outlaw Country, Voodoobilly, Murder Ballads, Southern Gothic, Steam Punk, Anarchist Crooner. Wow!!!!”

“In Australia for the first time, Izzy Cox performs live with her band on JVG Radio Method. In between songs, Izzy chats with Jonnie Von Goes about how rehearsals are going with her Australian band, her time spent in juvenile detention, and what she gets up to when she’s at home in Austin, Texas.”

“Izzy Cox....the murder queen of the Austin music scene came into the Smooth & Demented show with a troupe of players by the name "The Naughty Outlaws" and gave KAOS radio a good old time! A bit of swing, jazz, country and old time with a dark twist. This gal is crazy GREAT !”

“There’s a mad scientist in a music lab somewhere in Austin, Texas. Stitching together a little bit of R&B/Soul with some kind of funky ska vibe,..Miss Izzy Cox is a one woman Band from Austin TX.... a euphonious animal is created. It’s alive! Alive! You’ll have to pardon the old monster movie analogy but that’s the image that always comes to mind when I hear a unique and unlikely blending of various music styles. That’s not a bad thing. Following a tried and true musical formula is easy. Deviating from that recipe is genius.”

“Last night, I heard one of the best concerts ever, At Music City Roots (Nashville TN) It featured Grammy-award winning producer / singer Mr. John Carter Cash (yes, the son of Johnny and June), the dangerously cool Miss Izzy Cox”

“Here is a collection of Izzy Cox Albums , This artist has not charted yet, But we will keep you posted.”

“The first act was Izzy Cox. According to her Myspace page, Izzy “is an anarchist crooner….she has coined the style Voodoobilly Jazz as her own”. Izzy hails fromAustin, Texas, Hollywood, California, Brooklyn, New York and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She also has an interesting background but I’ll let you read it on izzycox.com . I like Izzy’s combination rockabilly, western swing, murder ballad style. She sings her heart out and with a lot of emotion and has a commanding stage presence. I felt that each song was a story and she wanted me to feel her pain, joy, happiness and sorrow.”

“I have absolutely no intention of describing Izzy's songs -- words cannot express .... and you really should just go see her sometime. Okay -- I will explain that "Lyin' Eyes, Cheatin' Heart" is a show shuffle with very sparse instrumentation (she hardly needs anything else but herself), and that "Man of the Cloth" (the final cut of 14 here) opens with some killer dobro here she says she is not going to heaven -- after all, she shot her husband square in her front lawn. This, too, is basically a stipped down, slow ballad. Did I mention that this woman is truly special?”

“Singer Izzy Cox combines her strong voice with a love of Jazz Age torch singers, depression-era blues, rockabilly, and bad decisions made in smoky bars. Hailing from Austin, the dark subjects of her songs have led to her being referred to as the ‘Murder Ballad Queen”.”

“Izzy Cox is one woman you don’t want singing a song about you. Her catalog focuses on murder ballads -- primarily mistreated women who’ve extolled their revenge for being treated poorly. Performing either by herself or with minimal accompaniment, Cox has some of the best titles ever, most notably, "Love Letters from The Electric Chair." The track "Man of the Cloth" is told by an unrepentant woman who shot her abusive husband and is pleased with herself. Her new release "Killing My Kind(ness)" is out now and promises to offer up more tales of tawdry demise. Upon listening to these dark and spare songs, one feels that Miss Izzy Cox is perhaps a little too obsessed (or perhaps she's just focused) with her preferred subject of choice. Clearly, she's not a woman you want to cross. ”

“Cool Cat Productions recently had the opportunity to sit down with Izzy Cox and discuss her CDs, Love Letters from the Electric Chair and Killing My Kind, her run in with movie-maker Quentin Tarantino, and her U.S. and European tour.If you’ve heard of Izzy Cox, you know that she’s a not-to-be-missed one woman act, but what you may not know is how she came to be known as the Outlaw Americana Hellbilly Steampunk Anarchist crooner (say THAT ten times fast!) An amazing singer, songwriter, and unique performer, we were honored that Miss Izzy Cox shared her story with us.”

“I suspect you either “get” what Miss Izzy Cox is doin’ or ya don’t. I think it’s pretty damn cool the way this gal from Austin TX manages to channel everything from hillbilly to jazz into a stripped down almost frighteningly naked performance. You’ll have to make up your own mind but I strongly suggest you go see her in person and give yourself the chance to experience this woman’s toughness and vulnerability up close.”

“Izzy Cox Love Letters From the Electric Chair Austin's got no shortage of bands with a taste for the macabre, so welcome murder balladeer Izzy Cox to the hot seat. She's Texan and French-Canadian via California, a confluence that shapes Love Letters' electrified voodoo-billy with a Crampsy twist of Southern cabaret and silent-movie panache. It's the anti-book of love, 50 ways to grieve your lover. ”

“The Act Before The The Raconteurs (Jack White) The show began with a short but tasteful set of rockabilly from Soda and His Pawn Shop Three, a somewhat inappropriate name as there were a total of eight musicians on stage. Among them were singer/songwriter Izzy Cox and members from Rose’s Pawn Shop, who are part of the L.A. rockabilly scene. In addition to several dusty ballads, they performed a stellar version of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” before clearing the stage.”

“Izzy Cox Often referred to as the Murder Ballad Queen, Izzy Cox is definitely a songstress like no other. Her extensive repertoire of songs include such titles as "Bad Bad Woman," "Electric Chair," "Devil in Me," "F*cking n' Fighting," “Hoodoo Voodoo Gal,” "Thorazine," and “Devil, Devil,” among many others, implying that she has dedicated herself to doing wrong the right way. Even more than the sound she has developed, though, it's her voice that is truly and utterly exceptional. It's a voice that seems to flow forward through the times, beginning in post-war Jazz Age America and moving onward through the Depression-era Blues of the deep south, and then the '50s Rockabilly set, all the way up to the here and now. ”

James Carlson - Music Examiner.com

“Izzy Cox is a phenomenal singer What a voice! I'd describe it between Rosie Flores and Kelly Hogan. Izzy is also a good guitar player, arranger and performer too.” – Nan Warshaw, Bloodshot Records”

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