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“Influenced by rappers Jay Z, Nas, Ghostface Killa, and Rakim, Izzo builds upon the inspiration he receives and creates his own flow and style that is incomparable. Thus, making his work something very commendable, being that nowadays underground rappers (especially those from New York) sound very similar and don’t really bring anything new or unique to the game. With Izzo Flii, it's Flii or Nothing! Digg Deep 2: The Abdomen, is far from your standard mixtape, there‘s something in there for every type of hip hop fan. Izzo goes from being inspirational in Some Day, to flirtatious in Love Letters, to confident and cocky in Bring Me Down, to deep and lyrical in When The World Collapse and Story I. His versatility is endless and his dedication to putting forth quality music is evident. He’s got great momentum going,… it’ll take A LOT to stop Izzo Flii now! ”

“It’s finally Digg Deep 2 Season, as sir Izzo Flii would call it! The long anticipated mixtape from Queens own Izzo Flii is here and ablaze. The track features 14 tracks including the recently released smashes Give the Drumma Sum, Day Bye Day, and Love Letters. Lyrically, Izzo Flii comes harder in this project than I’ve heard any unsinged artist lately which suggests a higher level of determination and certainly hunger. Among my favorites are Love Letters and My City, where he proclaims himself King of the Jungle and throws a vibe that encourages listeners to get into what he’s spitting. I’m not mad at this project at all, the wait was well worth it. Look out for a chat with Izzo Flii about his latest project coming very soon”

“WE SAY: Izzo states that life is his inspiration from fights on the street, to anime and comicbooks and this reflects in his music. His lyrics are creative and edgey, they tell a tale that only someone who has really lived could write. His music showcases the kind of raw talent and excitement that we now treasure on this side of the pond, the talented New Yorker would seem far from out of place alongside chart occupants Dizzee Rascal, N-Dubz, Professor Green and the likes. Check out tracks ‘American Dream’ and the wonderfully dreamy ‘Ease Your Pain.’ It’s not often I would introduce an American act but if fate should have it, it wont be long before Izzo Flii graces Britain’s blossoming urban scene.”

“You may not be able to detect its innuendos, yet it’s an authentic, solid musical experience that his fans, old and new will be pleased. He came to impress.”

"...this shit is a very complete tape boii deadass good shit!!

@theRealQuest - Via Twitter

“you got some heat keep doing your thing! That I love money joint is crazy!”

@Foul_Al - via Twitter

“yo u can spit got natural talent remind me of a young nas”

J Swann - Via Reverbnation

"Nicceeee.... music. I like the creative word play on your mixtape. Keep stepping... cause you on to something."

Nikole-Jaye - via Reverbnation