I Yahn I Arkestra / Press

"The Music is Strong and the Production is Crisp."

Reggae Reviews

" I was left with the sense of being in and Indian temple where the bright colors, incense-filled air and bells overwhelm the senses to underscore the point.

Chuck Foster - The Beat Magazine

"Songs are Flowing and " Jammy" and combined with the spiritual lyrics and layered drums, create the feel of an old fashioned Rastafarian Groundation.

Reggae Reviews

"I Yahn I Arkestra does indeed sound more like an orchestra than a band on Love Mission (inity). Every space is filled with percussion,horns,tinkling piano,synth strings, freeform sax, soaring vocals"

Chuck Foster - The Beat Magazine

"Jah Lives through I Yahn I" " See IYIA Live. It is a life experience. This is truly a Love Mission of Consciousness,love,truth and commitment.I bought this Cd at one of their club dates and listen to it everyday.I am buying it again because I want them to do well.

Tufgon - I -Tunes

"Roots outfit hailing from Philadelphia with a lush vintage sound and engrossing full band flavor"

Reggae Reviews

" This CD really makes you think...but you have fun & ride the sweet grooves at the same time. Conscious realizations & Angelic voices

Hannah's Field - Cd Baby

" Amazing - Most Amazing indie band ever! A Must see Live {true spirit warriors} very original stlye...My favorite album 2007

Darly - CD Baby

“This Band Plays Musefest every year and they are a Pure High. They Dance and Lift my Soul! Just Amazing... that's All!!”

Meg420 - Pay Play Fm