I Will Keep Your Ghost / Press

"It’s fair to say this five-track EP is a lot like the otherworldly, feelings-filled stuff you’re hearing on alternative radio (part Foals, part Alt-J, with a little bit of weird). Yet it’s unlike anything else being released in the Northwest, which is what makes it shine. An eclectic mix of spacey synths, fuzzy guitar, and hushed vocals, It’s Natural lays down a sound all its own."

"Dance music with jagged edges. I Will Keep Your Ghost closed out an already pretty sweaty show and still managed to hype everyone the f*** up, filling in the area at the front of the stage where Tacomans fear to tread."

"Saw these guys at The Benbow in West Seattle and they were killer!!"

"These guys did an excellent job recording this EP and I am pretty excited to see what they do in 2012."

"I love these two guys; I love their friendship; and I love their music. 'I Will Keep Your Ghost'...Go. Now. Listen to their beautiful sound. These guys rock my life -- and they'll rock yours too."

"S.W.A.T. and HazMat teams have been seen scouring the Everett area. It appears that at some point during the late evening, a large-scale explosion of music rocked a local neighborhood. Due to the extremely potent nature of the sound that was created, officials are doing everything they can to prevent citizens from having their faces melted."