Ivory Tower Project / Press

"Ivory Tower Project’s style is a throwback to the expansive sound of bands like Styx and Kansas. The band recently released their album 'How Much More?', which is textured rock without the formulaic hooks. This is the kind of layered music meant for listening. And Tony Novarro gives us some killer guitar riffs..."

"How Much More?" ~ The title track from the forthcoming album opens with a piano accompanied by a dreamy guitar which leads to the vocals that build up the track before it ramps up with a 70s/80s classic pop/rock feel that ties in beautifully with the lyrics. "How Much More?" is certainly a track that has been well produced with love for the sound that fans of ITP have come to love over the years that they have been producing some brilliant tracks. This track is certainly one that opens up the albums and sets you up for the rest of the tracks to enjoy.

“LadyLake Indie Music Awards has awarded Ivory Tower Project's Cd: "RED HOT" the 'Best Classic Pop/Rock' album for 2012.”

““The hit record that should have been”… "There is no set in stone formula that ITP follows; they make use of the wide range of colors and styles to create songs that embody the best elements of the the 70s and 80s, and they do it very well.””

““ELOBF recommends and endorses the: 'Ivory Tower Project' to all music fans who enjoy the music of: ELO; The Move; The Beatles and related artistes out there in the ELOBF universe!””

“It's a driving passionate rock that'll leave you with a head full of emotions. A group touts itself with critics who agree as a reincarnation of the days where riffing rock was king, and punk wasn't as manufactured as it is now...”

“If you like your rock with a strong dose of the whole 80's vibe, check them out.”

“This is a good debut album …the tracks on "Red Hot" is stunning Pomp/AOR songs that really shows how good this band is.”

“This sounds like the stuff you used to hear on the radio, before the radio was taken over by twits like Britney Spears and post-Genesis Phil Collins...(Ivory Tower Project) will bring you back to a better time for music and recording artists...”

“The supple voice of Keyboarder/Vocalist Mark Regula reminds one of Jeff Cannata and belongs to the best new voices that I heard in the last few months...”

" Listening to this album immediately brings to mind such classic melodic rock bands as Journey, gobs of Survivor, and yes, even a little bit of Axe. If the mention of those bands gets your salivary glands to start working then read on, because what Ivory Tower Project does with their influences places this disc handsomely right next door...Cool melodies and a driving beat make this one a winner"

“Ivory Tower Project has a very authentic sound to it – the songs from “Red Hot” are the best I’ve heard from a new band in a long time!”

"Red Hot" single handedly seeks to revive the pop/rock supergroup sound with a nostalgia that fans of the 80’s will love. Simply this is great New Music for those who love the sound of Classic Rock.

“When listening to the songs on the CD ‘Red Hot’ of the New York based IVORY TOWER PROJECT it’s like we stepped into a time machine and set the year at 1982 destination U.S.A...”

“Listening to Ivory Tower Project is like taking a trip back to the 80s. Every song on Red Hot is destined to make those who grew up in the 80s have Deja Vu...If you are a fan of old school 80s rock, this will fit well into your collection… ”

“Red Hot" has to be the best this reviewer has heard in a good many years.”

“ITP is a very well talented outfit that keeps the flame of late seventies / early eighties Rock alive and kicking, above all they bring on some variation blend it all with slices of Pop Rock or AOR.”

"Listening to Red Hot reminds me of everything good about the decade in which I was born...