Ivory Circle / Press

“The melodies are primarily driven by Hong’s intense and lilting vocals — at times being compared to Florence And The Machine and Adele.”

“Last year, Ivory Circle released a debut EP that almost exclusively featured Connie Hong and her piano. That debut was meant to be a teaser for this full-band release, which shows the huge Florence and the Machine-like vocals of Hong accompanied this time by a rich band that never overshadows her voice, but compliments it with gorgeous indie pop throughout.”

“Connie Hong is a unique and clever song writer and has the enchantingly beautiful voice to match and make Ivory Circle truly something special.”

“But now, Hong has taken Ivory Circle and filled it out with a full band, adding a drummer, a guitarist and a multi-instrumentalist. Ivory Circle has now fully developed into a powerhouse of cinematic rock. This is not a new sound for Ivory Circle — we still have Hong’s songwriting, vocals and piano at the core — rather the maturation of what it seems like her music has always wanted to be.”

“Ivory Circle, Entropy (Self-released). This striking and poignant five-song debut by Ivory Circle, Connie Hong’s solo project, does a great job of capturing the singer’s vocal ability. This is especially true on “Pretend”: Accompanied only by piano, Hong’s vocals are wispy and delicate at first, but a minute later, she’s belting it out à la Florence Welch. — JS”

“Singer-songwriter Connie Hong writes the kind of songs that beg to serve as the closing overture for an epic and heartfelt movie that both destroys and uplifts you, her ballads simultaneously adding weight and whimsy to the scene where the star-crossed lovers run through the subway platform, finally finding one another and embracing; or that climactic moment when the heroine takes flight, leaving her tortured past behind (as indicated by the passing skyline through her car windshield).”

“At first her voice, accompanied only by piano, sounds wispy and delicate, but a minute later, she's belting as powerfully as Florence Welch. "Scarlet Letter Girl" and "Ashes to Ashes" demonstrate even more of her dynamic range, and you can see how her classical training has seeped into the songwriting. Entropy is a striking and poignant debut from Hong.”

“Mellow but traumatic, emotional and honest, the EP entropy is a five-song journey into her mind, which takes the listener on a climbing journey into what soft, melodious indie rock can do.”

“Connie Hong's sublime vocals and delicately driven piano have created a treasure in Ivory Circle's Entropy EP. Each track is carefully crafted, obviously given a lot of thought and work to make them just right.”

“[Ivory Circle's] current batch of compositions have a more emotionally naked character to them and sound as if they're coming more directly from the heart. The act's debut EP, Entropy, feels symphonic in scope and vision, delving into post-breakup introspection minus the bitterness or maudlin angst.”

“The fact that just a voice and a piano (almost exclusively) make that rich and that compelling of a sound is alarming. On Entropy Hong moves between ethereal sounds to powerful overtures that seem to be part of a full orchestra, despite the fact that accompaniment is sparse throughout. There is some added percussion and some light flair here and there, but mostly this is a woman and her piano and that simplicity allows the songs to stand wonderfully on their own.”

“Ivory Circle is the solo project of Reviving Cecilia's (one of my favorite Denver bands who even Brian likes) Connie Hong. I had a feeling this was going to be a good song as soon as the project was announced, but wow. It's more beautiful then I had imagined. "Pretend" is breathtaking and once again Connie's talent has blown me away.”