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It’z Pizzle was born on the Eastside of Detroit, December 15, 1990. Growing up he would listen to a variety of music including Old Skool, Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz. In a household where music was always playing, It’z Pizzle has been rapping and writing songs since around the age of seven. Dreaming of one day becoming a Rapper, he looked up to his older cousin Andre, and would sneak and sit on the basement steps to listen to him and his Crew. Born Johntri D. Pickron, the nickname Pizzle came from his friend Ron, and to separate him from the others, it later took on the form of “It’z Pizzle”.
The Executive Producer Ace Spin Records, D’Aceman Johnson, actually met Johntri years ago when he first took the interest for rapping. After years of development, D’Aceman felt It’z Pizzle was ready to take his rapping skills to the next level and has recently stepped in to assist It’z Pizzle launch is music career. Rapping has always made him feel good because it gives him an outlet to voice his opinion and demonstrates how he views the world through his eyes. It’z Pizzle’s music is a reflection of him as he Raps about his personal struggles and the things he has been through in his life. Different, because of its distinct sound, it is what separates his music from everyone else’s. It’z Pizzle describes his music as “His Truth”, “His Hustle”, and “His Story”. He writes music for Real People with Real Problems in Real Life that everyone can relate to and feel. Some of It’z Pizzle’s industry influences are Tupac, 50 Cents, and Jay Z. Cam’ron has also always been an influence of his because he respects his independent hustle in the music industry and that he has does not let it define his music success.
It’z Pizzle would love to work on projects with other Artists such as, “The Weekend”, “Fabulous”, Chris Brown, and Boosie Bad Azz. He wants his music to affect the industry by giving people a different outlook on Detroit’s Talent and view the city in a different light. It’z Pizzle also dreams of being able to one day give back to the City of Detroit by helping others. He would like to start a Non-Profit Organization which will give troubled youth, a second chance by providing positive outlets, such as music and sports, in addition to education and job training skills.

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