“Woho!!! You know about Younger Age, I want to hear this great song again and again! THAT'S AWESOME! AND... i love that song”

Francine Ovios - N1M

“Hey, I personally think that it shows that you are more musically gifted if you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin' to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style. From a true fan of all your music.”

Mui Chung - N1M

“Thank you for sharing your music! God blessed the day I found your tune Bopping! You are the future of music industry which is not doing well these days i think because a lot of crap out there, radio's spoiling our ears nowdays.”

Stella Darling - N1M

“Hi!!! Thx for emailing! ...for whole day i'm listening ur music. I gave a link to ur songs to my friends from many countries...and they really like it....!!!! Thx!!!”

aldridge.dennis@hotmail.com - N1M

“I like how the artist just starts right off singing. The rhythm and beat is awesome. I don't really care fore the lyrics in this song, they sound a little tacky, to what I can hear. Besides the lyrics though, the is nice and a great rhythm to move along to.”


“I admire the strong vocals in this song, the artists all have confident voices that really show in the song. The lyrics are very appealing and they really stick out, they are clear. The beat of the song is fast which makes the song exciting. I like the instrumentals of the song, they really work well with the voices. For me, I think the song finished very suddenly. I think this song has some commercial potential.”


“Not one for repetition, I like the lyrics repeating - comes on strong and grows the feeling. Singers really together and don't mess with the strong rhythm of the song. The casualness of the sentiment impresses me that this is a sex song and not a love song. Short, sweet, maybe a one time thing. That's what it is all about for those who like it that way. Makes it musical and rhythmical point heard.”


“This track is shown to be very confident. It seems like a song that would be at the top of the charts as the complexity of the song is mixed into another tune and lyrics. It seems well produced and when he is singing on his own the rhythm matches the instruments and is mixed in well. I would recommend this song to anyone as its level of courage. It is unique and different the only thing i would change is the lyrics. They are constantly repeated this is useful as it can get easily stuck in your head but it makes the song seem not as good as it could be.”


“This song started out strong and continued that way thought out the whole song. It has a beat that will be perfect with the voices. This song uses different voices to show the different creation of words and ideas of the song as one. It has a genre that many people listen to, I like this song an would tell my friends about it. It has a smooth beat the flows with the voices but makes it stand out extremely. The words are put together so well that it never combines to other people words. I love the beat, I can't get over. I think this strong powerful song would and should be a number one hit!”

UNKNOW - Crowd Review

“This is a pop song that I could definitely imagine hearing on any top ten hit radio station. The bass is strong which plays a huge role in this song alongside the smooth r and b lyrics. Ths is a very sexual song that is super cool. Their is even a rap part in the middle that comes in at the perfect time. I really like the lyrics and I ove the beat. Their is a second rapper that kicks in towards the end that reminds me of twister .This song is going to pop off very soon . I loved it!”

UNKNOW - Crowd review

“hey Vito I have already shared your numberonemusic profile via my news feed on facebook and some of them really like it! I hope you'll go straight to the top of the charts there while I'm listening to you daily. Thx. Mui.”

“Humble as a mumble in the jungles Of shouts and screams That's the way the cracker crumbles So I guess I've got to re-route my dreams”