Sonali / Press

“Her sensual, powerhouse vocals still shine through, but are complemented with her clean, poetic lyrics and modern, catchy production.”

“Infectious, well written, and easily able to slot into a variety of radio stations, Sonali’s Forever will break big this fall.”

“All I can say is WOW this tune is a complete masterpiece and her songwriting is literally top notch. Now this majestical number oozed plenty of upbeat synth pop vibes and Argade’s flawless vocals left me in an utter daze.”

“....you will feel her voice inside your soul, the lyrics of the song will make you feel like living in another world. You will wish to hear her voice until the last breath in your life.”

““Forever” is energetic and uplifting, showcasing Sonali’s angelic voice and newfound style, while still incorporating elements of her old sound for a unique experience.”

“After a two-year interval, Sonali has come back even stronger, and changed her instrumental, while maintaining her amazing vocal, and lyrical originality.”

“Listed as one of the Top Prospects of 2014!”

"Sonali can sing, and her bold female perspective is something that could land these quality recordings on a Lifetime TV soundtrack and more."

Music Connection Magazine, May 2014

"If you need to compare her to another musician - her style is similar to that of Ed Sheeran, only with a bit more of an Americana feel and --obviously--female. Still, there is a sweetness and light to Sonali's music that makes it perfect for that happy-go-lucky kind of playlist. For as light as her music may be - there's no doubt that she can pack a punch with her latest single, Who We Are."

"Sonali’s songs get inside your head and won't let go—something that is rare to find and can't be taught.”

Zach Ziskin, Grammy Award winninng producer, songwriter, mixer and engineer.