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“Having the opportunity to work with this “character” we have come to love and call “Jamie Bond, has most certainly been a blessing. Jamie is Funny and Real, which are for me 2 of the most endearing qualities any Human Being and Artist can possess . . . and she has more than her share . . . so here it is . . . she is giving it back to us, the World through her Words and her Works. ~~ ‘just bill’ aka William S. Peters, Sr. ~ Inner Child”

“Jamie Bond is not your conventional Poet following conventional rules. There are no words that can adequately describe the fire and artistic ability of Ms. Bond. She is an avid writer and some of her poems grab you by the throat and violently toss you to the floor, as you are left gasping for air. You will be in awe of her ability to clearly communicate, isn't this what a good poet does, to evoke emotion? There are others that cause you to shout and join the movement of her Unmuted Ink as she espouses Justice for all. Just as easily she will take you on a sensuous ride and you will find yourself with tears streaming down your face from a lost love. Expect to read this again and again as this is the page turner of the century. ~~ Janet P. Caldwell Poet, Author, Chief Administrator Inner Child Enterprises”

“Jamie?! I have known since I chased her around our neighborhood, she is my family...I have also known Jamie as she fully stepped into her authentic self. She is intelligent, funny, empathetic, empowered, loyal, a beautiful spirit, and a hell of a mom. When I had a few hard years, Jamie was there for me. She never once turned her back on me, never once spoke ill of me, never once made me feel like I was alone...I will always have her back just like she will always have yours... Jamie Bond is the business....take it from me...I should know... ~~ Her Sister Nehru, Audiophile / Poet”

“Have you ever seen something as beautiful as a butterfly with the venom of an asp? If there is such a creature... then you have bore witness to Jamie Bond on the Mic This Poetess has a way with words with a wayward tongue She's NO Queen of Poetry... She is a Goddess of Spoken Word, Queens although born into Royalty...Can die and or be dethroned A Goddess is forever ...Her Unmuted Ink is irrefutable! ~~ Tanya Wyatt Newark, NJ Native Retired U.S. Navy”

Tanya Wyatt Newark, NJ Native Retired U.S. Navy

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Jamie Bond's poetry.. and she has compelled me to have her on my stage...Jamie you are a true inspiration to many...your word's are powerful ,cutting, and healing all at the same-time...you are truly the queen of poet's... ~~ Eloheem Revue Brooklyn, New York The Eloheem T.V. Music Revue NYC”


“My view of Jamie Bond and her poetry is that she will have you laughing and crying and raising your fist in the air screaming Hell Yeah, Speak That Girl.... Her poetry is the epitome of reality.. She speaks her mind with truth, grace, class and pose not caring that it will bother you or not she wants it to be known what is happening... She is a woman of wisdom and to me she seeks to enhance her wisdom every time she writes or reads a piece of her work as well as others.. She encourages, she is a motivator, a friend and she stands for peace and love... She is a person that I am honored to call a friend and Jamie Bonds book will be an asset to the poetry community... ~~ Alfreda Ghee (Alfreda Freddie Ghee) Poughkeepsie, New York Author of Whispers of Love”

“If there was ever a book that I would say to get would be Jamie Bond. When you read her work she can take you there. Jamie Bond gives 100% plus. Through her words you see her vision as she speaks you listen. Honored to know her. I always leave her with smiles and blessings this is what you shall receive her words as you read you will not be able to put her book down. Beside her being a Poet Authoress Writer. Talented and of course gifted. Through her flight God is right there fort each step that she takes. I can't wait support love respect honor she receives it from so many people that have entered her life. Here to you Jamie Bond and the success of your book. Most of all we all just love you. ~~ Rosalind Cherry Jersey City, New Jersey Author of Music in my Words”

“I have been a Jamie Bond Fan for quite a few years now. From wayyyy back with brass knuckles and verbal street battles on corners while she was using park benches as a stage and such! So I already know WHATEVER she puts out is going to be RAW!!! I don't know if poets can go Platinum but if they can JAMIE BOND is going to do just that!! Gooo Jamie Gooooooo!!! ~~ Develyn Williams “D-Nice” Brick City, NJ Native”

Develyn Williams “D-Nice” Brick City, NJ Native

“Jamie Bond is a Brick City Angel with wordplay that will mangle your mind to crave her words for her flow is absurd the more she flutters those wings. ~~ Tammy Jones aka "PoetrysChild" Patterson "silk city" New Jersey Author, Producer and Founder and CEO of HipHope Publishing”

“She’s a ventriloquist lyricist, her readers lips move to the rhythm of metaphors, her words take you on journalistic journey where one has to wear a parachute, cause of the height she takes one to...one to, one to her writes sounds nice check! ~~ Manuel 'Finale' Allen Cincinnati, Ohio C.E.O. of DEF FLO”

“IB JB, that Brick City Queen when shit hits the fan, she's last to leave the crime scene Smokin' pen in hand...she's tough flatlinin' bodies across the land Yeh, I did it, WUT! A beautiful spirit, heart of gold, and a snake tongue for the ones who cross the line. ~~ Dl Davis "Bad Boy #1" from "Lost Angels" to San Diego, California Owner/Creator of DL Davis Design 1loveps.com”

“Jamie Bond iz POETRY! A walking, talking, breathing, living POEM!! She is the TRUTH; Truly a gift to anyone who's read her; or heard her. ~~ Author June Battlefield East Saint Louis, Illinois”

“Jamie Bond: The BRICK CITY BEAST-MODE BOMBSHELL.. with a HEART as BIG as the world.. ~~ Quise "the NoteBook" Williams Houston, Texas ONE MIC ONE STAGE”

“The voice of change in a stagnant world, she speaks what many should be hearing, and are afraid to listen to. ~~ Mr. Riley somewhere off the New Jersey Turnpike Author of The Midnight Hybrid”

“Poetry that ebbs and flows like the beautiful words Jamie Bond releases on paper speaks to our minds and souls. Her words, purposeful and passionate, will leave you changed, open and wanting more of the lyrical elixir that is her trademark. ~~ Takesha Powell (Takesha McKenxie) New York, New York”

“I have been waiting on a Jamie Bond project for a long time. From the moment she spits you know its greatness; her hard in yo face brick city what?! Attitude; combined with the diversity of her pen makes a lethal combination leaving foes in her wake placing her at the top and one of my all-time favorites anything she puts out you will not be disappointed GET IT IN JAMIE! ~~ Delvin Maximus Thomas aka “LionHeart The Rebel” Houston, Texas”

“I may not have known Jamie Bond very long, but rest assured, she is one of the most FIERCE poetess of this generation! As a radio host myself, I enjoy listening to her radio programs on Blog Talk Radio. Most of all, she loves God - which makes her cool with me! ~~ Tonja E. Withers Brooklyn, New York”

“An Artist whose talents exceed just being a nurturing protective Mother, her craft is empowering, building to represent women of struggle in it's purest content, to succeed and to take advantage, accomplish all opportunities of life learning experiences and applying them to family, friends and community. Jamie Bond no stranger to pain and struggle her words are a testimony to inspire, educate and enlighten your journey every time she's blessed to pick up a pen and answer the call to the masses. Blessings To You Jamie Bond! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME! MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT! ~~ Carlene Beverly Columbus, Ohio”

“Down to earth, loving and caring heart & spirit to all, a true friend to the end, loves fighting for the underdog with undying passion, she is poetry and poetry is she, finally and not the least, she loves her family blood and poetry and promotes others in the poetry industry with undying fervency... ♥ ♥ ♥ ~~ Todd Smith (Thelyfepoet) Author of LYFE IS.... Florida”

“Jamie bond has a heart of gold. She is so giving. She recognizes all sorts of poetry. She is the queen. ~~ Albert Carrasco (Infinitethe Poet) New York, New York”

“Jamie Bond is strength personified! There are few people out there who have been through some great trials and come out unscathed and better than ever! JB is a force to be reckoned with; her pen is pure fire! Beasty in a brazier with no fear, keeping things clear, Helluva peer, a poet, and when you need someone to cheer....she's there. ~~ Urban Voodoo Live and Direct Los Angeles, California of PublishingUrbanWordz, inc. YOUNG POET SOCIETY, radio show host of ON SOLID GROUND by URBAN VOODOO & SOLID and KLBC 1610 AM RADIO truly underground radio”

“Jamie Bond is a true sister/queen that speaks to the poets’ heart and soul straight from the hip. No sugar coating from this Brick City Poet. Truth is what it is! If you can't handle the truth...stay stuck on stupid and studying dumb. She keeps it on the real and strictly 100! If you didn't know ...Now you know! ~~ Kelli Songbird Garden singer, songwriter, poetess and radio show host”

“As a writer myself, I can get lost in my work and tune out the outside world. But every time I tuned back into the writing and poetry world and circuits I kept hearing about some poet/writer named Jamie Bond. After awhile personal friends of mine would say "have u read any of Jamie Bonds work? She's amazing". I had to check what all of the buzz was about and I must say..... the passion, emotions, and pictures that are painted makes u feel as if ur having the experience. She draws u in to her world.... that transcends mere writing.... ~~David Marrero aka Papermirrors Reflection Bronx, New York Founder of PaperMirrors Community Outreach Services”

“Jamie Bond is a poet that not only writes from the soul but blood runs ink and heart runs true.... ~~ Starr Poetress Lawton, Oklahoma”

“Jamie Bond-What can I say She is an EXCEPTIONAL poetess. She will ignite flames of passion in you that may have doused. She will have you preaching to the masses although you have been separated from religion. She is simply that awesome. Her words of poetry are backed by living as a woman, a mother a human. Emotions abound. Pick up this book and you can thank me by telling another about Jamie Bond ~~ Dionna Butterfli Per-Will Author of Randoms of Life”

“Jamie Bond is more than a poet, she is that rare comet that only appears once in a lifetime. Her gift, her spirit and her sacrifice can only be defined as heaven sent ~~ Blaq Ice Founder and CEO of P.O.E.T. Chicago, Illinois ”

“You’re Loved more and more each Day Bond Bonds....look at all the pEEps responding... Great writer Great person to know!...Giving with a capital L O V E...♥ ~~ Charles SeaBe Banks Houston, Texas ”

“Jamie Bond is an excellent writer who uses diverse styles to introduce her writes to the literary audience! She is definitely a great read! ~~ Allen BlackSwagg Simmons (Lyrical GrimReaper) ”

“Bond.....Jamie Bond....that indestructible substance solidifying words to rhyme and purpose. JB is one of the ILLEST LYRICIST my ears have ever had the pleasure to read with a flow that's like a serious hip-hop head nod. But more importantly she is a very down to earth chic who encourages and supports all of us in the artistic community. Love you Jamie. ~~ Barbara Trawick (Bee) Miami, Florida Radio Show Host of THE HIVE ”

“A true poet, Jamie Bond's work is a testament to dedication the excellence, intelligence, and down to earth home grown truth.. Her pen is sure to blaze the page. ~~ Tyrone Mobley aka "Watcher of 13" from Brooklyn, New York author of Victims of the Game: The Manipulation ”

“Jamie Bond is the Definition of Strength ..Displays the True Meaning of Friendship ..Support ...Jamie's love extends above and beyond of what most could imagine....Her poetry sinks into not only our minds...but our hearts and soul...Her words are like blazing lightening bolts...its electrifying ...exhilarating ...she is Jamie Bond!! ♥ ~~ Bianca Fly Charlotte, North Carolina Radio Show Host of The Beautiful Butterfly Café ”

“her friends and family are proud of her!”

friends and family