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“Prog Album of The Year 2015 – Beastie’s Rock Show. “I love this album. When I listen to this album it pleases me no end, and not only does it please me in so many different ways, when I listen to the vocal it really does stir me and moves me incredibly. This album is wonderful. I want everyone to listen this on repeat, put your headphones on and get no distractions, just listen. It really does stir you, wake you up. And when he implores you with those lyrics, how can you turn that down? It is incredible, you can feel that emotion in that one line ['as I walk into the sun, carry me'].”

"I particularly enjoyed this album and I thoroughly recommend it." Steve Hackett (guitarist, former member of Genesis).

Steve Hackett - Personal Communication

“Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate : Head In A Jar (2014). We've long been admirers of Malcolm Galloway's work with Hats Off and this EP release does nothing to change that view. It's an eclectic mix of tunes which transport you from soothing ambient moods through to an organic climax of sound in four short tracks. Opening with the gentle 'Broken Wave' which ebbs and flows taking you to the Floyd-esque 'Glass Lithium' which could sit quite nicely on a Rick Wright album with it's haunting refrain and melody. The title track increases the pace and energy and we get out first, of two, vocals. 'Head In A Jar' pays homage to New York's Talking Heads with the punchy vocals and guitar work building up to the climatic 'Maggie's Farm' finishing with chaotic excess and ultimate beauty. If you've not experienced Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, it's about time you did and this EP could be the perfect way to do it !”

Mike Kennedy - Welsh Connections

“One of the most original bands I've heard in years.”

John G. Cowan - Museboat Radio A+R

“Brilliantly Talented Bunch! by andrewjamesrichards Some really fabulous tracks on this one.... I could feel the storm coming, fantastic job. All this time may just be my Fav. Chords, beats, moods and some great variety all over this thing Tune in when you can.....five stars from me 5/5”

“A breath-taking debut brimful of raw emotion and beauty by headfullasongs This compelling debut album fuses classic rock riffs, prog. rock adventurousness, the pain of the blues and the beauty of classical flute to produce a truly beautiful and thought-provoking album that is not afraid to explore the highs and lows of human joy and suffaring. From the opening track, which is a busy, uplifting prog. inspired number, through the exquisite pain of Me Again and the haunting beauty of the Frail Hurricane trilogy this album excites and soothes in equal measure; its chords steal into your thoughts and leave you wanting more. I finished listening to Just So Love you then hit 'replay all'; it's that good…buy yourself an early Christmas present; it could well be the best one you get! 5/5”

“Cool sounds, good vibe, love it! 5/5”

“I would highly recommend 'Wait For the Storm'. Haunting melody and lyrics with vocals reminiscent of JIm Morrison - The Doors accompanied by harmonious flute. 5/5”

“Though the lyrics can at times be rather dark and depressing, the music feels defiant and celebratory. In quieter moments, it's very pretty. Though I felt the need to immediately trumpet the unabashed prog rock of this fine band, I must say that they are not strictly beholden to any style. The songs on this debut album also dip into some acoustic Folk ("By the Water," "Wait for the Storm"), Classic Rock ("Can't Let You Go," "Me Again"), Blues ("Just So Love You") and even Electronica ("Hello"). They regularly perform around the London clubs, and hopefully elsewhere very soon.”

“Cross-Genre Song Builders from London - I think the reason I like these guys so much is because when I first listened to "While I Still Can," I was instantly brought back to prog rock haze of the mid-1970s. Don't get me wrong; I say that in a most reverent way. The bluesy vocals, the wailing guitar solos, the crashing percussion, and damn, that seriously rockin' flute (Flautist Kathryn Thomas of the award-winning Galliard Ensemble is to credit here - making it impossible not to elicit sweet Jethro Tull flashbacks)… it's all just so comfortingly familiar. And yet, modern production values and all the musical history and life history since that time influence their sophisticated sound. HATS OFF GENTLEMEN IT'S ADEQUATE may feel at first like a kind of a Rip Van Winkle story, but they're fully acclimated to the present day. ”

“Soaring guitars, rock vocals, and rock flute, I've still got a smile on my face after listening to 'While I Still Can'. Absolute Class!'”

Stevie Bee - SM Radio

"Adventurous and interesting." "While I Still Can reminds me of early San Francisco rock." "Me Again has a bit of a heavier tone sounding more like what David Gilmour may have sounded like if he had been born in Seattle." "Frail Hurricane has a much more of an arena rock sound with a little Billy Idol or David Bowie mixed in. Forgive me but I find myself singing along. "The Water is a solemn track in the vein of the earliest of King Crimson tracks. I hear the clean Hiwatt guitar sound that could easily be compared to David Gilmour. It's a cool track. "All This Time takes a pop direction maybe toward Chris Isaak. This could easily be the big seller on the recording with its subtle melody and contained vocals."

“The interesting part of the material is the use of a diversity of instruments which permits Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate cover a breadth of delivery styles. Tracks can be rolling guitar laden pieces, or more psychedelic floating sounds and with the flute, there is the ability to zip in to a different sound altogether. Oozing musical competence, the band is able to deliver across the stage they cover with equally well composed tracks. ”

“Their sound is one of rock, but with influences of folk, and almost a jazz and prog sound as well. The resultant mix is one of sincerity, and heart felt emotion. This dark mixture is one that flows well, and can be quite emotional. There are so many elements expertly blended together forming a unique and varied sound. I look forward to hearing more material from these guys.”

“And the #1 vid/song spot is the London band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate's song "While I Still Can" the multi-instrumental band masters the jazz, blues, and rock genre; creatively rolls it up and delivers a sound all their own that might make ya wanna dance!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZM3SQ_FdiI”

“Check out this GREAT acoustic rock duo out of London, UK Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate! Not only do they make GREAT music, they also constantly give back with their many charitable events all over the UK. With cover songs that do the originals much justice and original music that just moves you, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate are definitely on the rise and doing great things for not just the music industry, but for LIFE in general!”

“Wait For The Storm is a quiet folk like track with drums, light guitar and flute, almost reminiscent of early Traffic. Interesting. Invisible takes a definite hint from some of the earlier Pink Floyd stuff with quiet background and prominent guitar work but in this case more prominent vocal track. Hello is a straight up electronica track. If you like electronica for electronica sake... that means, if you're not going to Jeff Beck it... this is what you get. It's enjoyable and a cool groove. Just So Love You completes a quirky but interesting recording. This track opens with a Steely Dan riff but turns into the simplest of soulful pop tracks. Overall this is an interesting recording with a little something for everyone”

“Wait For The Storm is once again hauntingly flute laden and a superb example of how to use instruments, levels and lyric in harmony to make a powerful imagery. Can’t Let You Go emerges as an acoustic piece, though develops in to more rock centred number and whilst there is a certain similarity in vocal with Ian Curtis across much of Invisible – on this track is it highly prominent. Invisible is a showcase for the memorable compositions and spread of musical styles which capture life from the the inside of the soul and marks a strong debut LP for Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate.”

“Rarely does a piece of music make your hairs stand on end and send chills running down your spine, whilst passing the message about the illness in such a beautiful and poetic manner. The latest single released by the London duo ‘Hats off Gentleman, it’s Adequate’ has the magic to do just that. It starts with a haunting guitar part by Malcolm, and a beautiful flute section by Kathryn Thomas, which goes with the moving lyrics, with Malcolm pondering if he should “Wait for the storm”, with the bass and drums in the background reinforcing the dark atmosphere, before evolving into a Dire Straits influenced guitar solo, with a perfect neat sound that still makes sure that the message within the song is passed on a very serious illness. 5/5”

“The release ranges across the solo acoustic to the full line-up rock and roll band. Opening with While I Still Can which begins with the hallmark flute before evolving in to a strong jazz rock beat in which the flute alternates breaks with the guitar, epitomising precisely why Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate is such an intriguing out-fit. Following on is Me Again which is a darker piece bringing in piano to the fused guitar to layer a melancholy to the track. Next is Frail Hurricane which skittles along with a scintillating guitar scything out of the speakers. A delightful vocal and instrumental combination. By The Water slows the pace to a folk number with an evocative piano framing a track that registers on the bass notes with a continual back backdrop of synth that plays a shadow like falling rain across the piece and the song works particularly well for me. Whilst the material may be of melancholia the compositions are something of an emotional a catharsis.”

“London-based duo Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate have just released their first visual for their brand-new single, 'Wait for the Storm'. All online sales of this new single will be used to benefit the non-profit organizations 'Save The Children' and 'Ehlers-Danlos'. Armed with a flute, a guitar, and a pair of fantastic vocals, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate bring a fresh new flavor that we had to share. You can find links to several media outlets in the video below, where you can hear the latest from this featured ground-breaking group.”

"A great blues voice"

The Notty Wood Show (US radio show)

“Is it classic rock? Is it ccoustic rock? Well, what it definitely is, is a flute, David Gilmore-esque guitar solos and lyrics reminiscent of War Of The Worlds weepy track 'Forever Autumn'. Oh and a downbeat vocal like a depressed Cat Stevens. Right, if you are still reading this and haven't ran for the alternative hills yet, then, well done and DON'T. Sit back, click on the video below, relax and surprise yourself at the fact that this combination works quite nicely indeed. Now that you've watched and listened, sit back again and be warmed by the fact that if you were to buy this track you will be helping Hats Off...'s (Flautist Kathryn and Multi-instrumentalist Malcolm) nominated charities of Ehlers-Danlos Support UK & Save The Children, as any and all income from online sales is to be split 50/50 between them. So, there you go, classic rock? acoustic rock? Who cares when it's good music for a good cause. GO BUY IT. ”

“Check out Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate's new single 'Me Again'!!!!! ITS AWESOME!!!”

“London rockers Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate are more than adequate. Their solid grooves and punchy bass lines drive a deliciously raunchy pub rock sound.”

IndiUp Indie Music Radio

“Excellent and atmospheric music! :)”

“A beautiful song!! Everything lyrics, sound, vocals, recording, production is fantastic!! wow [about 'Invisible'] ”

Chrissy Sinn - MuseBoat Radio (presenter)

“These guys are REALLY good ! [about 'Me Again' demo]”

“Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate goes from pure rockin' style, to the ethereal, Pink Floydesque style. I give it an A+ on style, heart & soul. Listening to this band is pure pleasure!!”

Mary Dunham King - MuseBoat Radio (presenter)

“You guys are just AWESOME”

Audio Pollution Promotions

“Classic rock fans of all kinds will really enjoy HOIAs music, remarkable for its impassioned vocals and aching lead guitar wig-outs delivered by multi-instrumentalist and band-leader, Malcolm. The influence of classically trained flautist Kathryn Thomas on the odd track brings to mind Jethro Tull - and one can certainly have a lot of fun playing 'spot-the-infuences' when listening to HOIA's music, which revels in being caught between a mellow atmospheric rock and a hard place - the latter being a garage or a rock venue. Their home-made videos and the occasional involvement of Malcolm's young children in these, and the music, is also charming.”

Toby Burton - Rock Till You Drop (founder)

“'Brooding yet brilliant' ... 'outstanding production' [about Wait For The Storm]”

Music Review Unsigned

“GREAT MUSIC ...... brings awesome people together and they accomplish couraqeously! have a kick ass night guys!!!”

Notty Nation

““Wait for the storm”, the debut single by London based group, Hat’s off gentlemen it’s adequate, can only be described as a beautifully melodic and heart felt piece of music. The prevalent and haunting flute on “Wait for the storm” creates a mix of melancholy and beauty, which draws a sense of peace and tranquillity not often found in music. ...it’s very evident from listening to “Wait for the storm” and other tracks that they have an excellent sense of musical chemistry that I’m sure will stand to the group in making them a huge name on the British music scene. The track, which has already received huge press coverage and critical acclaim was released in aid of Save the children and Ehlers-Danlos support UK. To keep up to date on all things Adequate, including gig dates and upcoming single releases visit So don’t “Wait” to download this amazing piece of music. I’m tipping my Hat to the guys from London and giving them a more than adequate 6/6. Revi”

“The Interval Machine's Featured Artist of the Day is Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, a London-based acoustic rock duo featuring flautist Kathryn Thomas and Malcolm (vocals, guitar, keyboard).... The song we are featuring is titled 'By The Water' -- an ambient song that is amazingly haunting and deeply emotional. I really love this song so much. Excellent job!”

“Nice Dudes I Dig!!!”

“They've Done it Again - 5/5 Yet another song that would make Pink Floyd seem like amateurs in their latest single release ‘Me again’. Main man Malcolm once again gets all credit where it’s due from the spooky vocals and the highly influential sounds of Pink Floyd through the track with the mellow sombre of the distorted guitar and pounding drums that noodle along with a clean piano noodling away in the background before a powerful chorus. I have heard of songs that make you want to cry and this is probably one – especially going towards the outro which has some out-of-this-world guitar licks spread about with Malcolm resorting to shouting what is quite possibly my best lyric of the year “I wanna wake up and be me again”. Again where credit’s due – this is one band not to underestimate. It may only comprise of only two people but with ambitions aiming as high as what I have heard, there’s going to be no stopping them.”

“Acoustic + flute. These guys win. If you're into something different, they're definitely, certainly worth a listen. Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, gogo!”

“Wow :)) great music! I Like it a lot..”

Positive Chillout

“I am personally loving their music!!! They are a MUST listen!! So what are you waiting for? Go see for yourself and show them LOTS of love!!”

“Nice! Now that is definately a relax and wind down song..... we like it!!! [about 'By The Water']”

"Engagingly silky playing. Serene yet commanding" [This was a review of Kathryn's first solo classical cd, not of Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate]

Norman Lebrecht - Personal communication

“Awesome show last night, great voice, dynamics and a nice refreshing twist on some of the rockier covers. You are definitely acoustic rock rather than singer songwriter!”

Atul Rana (Rock Bands In London) - FB wall post