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“... and as that song segued out, David Byrne said, "And now from Denver, Colorado, Itchy-O." That's when the marching band began, having already walked on stage behind Byrne, Clark and company to cries of "Who is that?" and "What is this?" and the like. All masks and purple and gold and black uniforms with some members in sombreros and others with cowls and various other head coverings, Itchy-O must have seemed like something out of a dream to the uninitiated. Even with the thirty-odd people on stage, having joined the expansive David Byrne and St. Vincent line-up in a bit of an overlap at the end of "Road to Nowhere," there was a grace and otherworldliness to Itchy-O's songs mostly intensely percussive and partly hauntingly electronic micro-melodies.”

“Itchy-O Marching Band tore down the third wall (and the fourth and the fifth) in an all-enveloping performance that aimed to elevate the conscious mind. Tonight, we would realize all dichotomies are false. Nearly three-dozen performers roared from the stage and the dance floor. They weaved among audience members, making us part of the show. At one point, a woman was pinned against the stage by the martial artists, a formidable presence in their militaristic uniforms, facemasks, lit-up helmets, strap-on tom-toms, massive bass drums, alien keyboards. But there was no danger, save losing one's "self," which is all illusion anyway. She gave herself over -- she had no choice -- and became one with Itchy-O and their audio-visual barrage. Many others in the venue did the same. Further blasting away the notion of differences, Itchy-O combined cultural forces: Taiko drums, mariachi getups, pseudofascist propaganda, Illuminati cultishness..”

“In response, people were jumping up and down and dancing like they were at some kind of Voodoo ceremony during Mardi Gras.”

““On June 11 at the Uptown in Oakland, the sprawling 30-plus ensemble of brass players (Extra Action), drummers and leggy flag girls and boys seemingly met their unholy match in the form of Denver opener itchy-O Marching Band, whose members delivered loud sheets of throbbing electro-noise and dragged a lion dancer in their wake.””

Kimberly Chun, - SF Chronicle

“If the 2000s have taught us anything it’s that marching bands aren’t just for high schools anymore. While many marching bands have sprouted up across the country over the last few years, fans would be hard pressed to find one more genre bending than these guys. While the format for this Denver based band is semi-traditional, the music and instrumentation are anything but. A staggering 32 piece marching band equipped with drums, electronic instruments, and synthesizers may be a puzzling concept to wrap your ears around, yet the band has been lauded for their experimental performances which explore the limits, as well as blur the boundaries, between the entertainer and the entertained.”

“Like an Appalachian tent revival performing a Day of the Dead ceremony in the year 2500, Itchy-O’s live performances have become infamous for a kind of digital spirituality, a bone-shaking sensory experience of complex instrumentation and feverish exigency.”