ISTO / Press

"As students and residents listened to him spin unusual fairy tales about everyday life, Isto's attitude became contagious. As he sang 'I'm a Werewolf Over You,' howl­ing through a transformation process, Isto showed that life depends on how you view it. Rather than being muddled down with cynicism and despair, Isto embraces what life throws at him, noting excitedly at one point, 'My guitar's never made that sound before!'"

"Funny, but kind of mystical."

““This guy uses his pipes to their full comic potential. If there were a key influence here, I would guess it's old Merry Melodies cartoons. Squeaks, squawks, croons, bluesy runs, falsetto, basso, quantum physics...sheesh this guy has it all. He cuts the room with a screech that ends ALL conversation, pauses, and mumbles out a lovely little scat run. Let's not forget that he's also a great, versatile, lightning fast guitarist. Plus, he'd like to stick it to Ann Coulter...God, what a great song. What a funny, funny writer...and you and I both know that funny is hard to do. Isto does it.””

Ben Krieger - Jezebel Music Newsletter

"This one is sure to make your ears smile."

Mike Jones - The Emerald Press

"Some of the sounds have been inspired by his extensive studies of the native music of planets in star systems other than our own."