" I caught them at the Member's Only cabaret in Cherry Hill New Jersey two weeks ago, they played one song and then Boudreaux Boudreaux Dali broke a wine bottle over the barback's head. To make matters worse, their manager, Colonel Porkstrap, took a dump on the bar and then picked it up and threw it at my girlfriend! And she was wearing a new blouse from The Gap!!! Mahatma Hades made the manager pay them $500 dollars at knifepoint, they then took 3 bottles of their best scotch, breaking one of them across the bouncer's Vespa and drove off in the club owner's new Prius. The police found the car the next day in a vacant lot. It was totaled, whats more, it was covered in feces and blood. Stay away from them, and if you see them, run away! You can't miss them, they are all like 7 feet tall, And the guitar player Duncan Yo Yo Ma only has one ear!